Design Systems & Technologies presents:

2nd Winter

Antibes 4-5 April 2002

by BAS Engineering (N) & Design Systems & Technologies (F)
Mediathel Hotel in Sophia Antipolis (06), Route des Cretes, tel 04-9294 6800
Mr. Runar AASEN - BAS Engineering (N)


> Ce seminaire est conçu pour utilisateurs des tous niveaux et pour permettre une évaluation détaillée aux utilisateurs potentiels
> Les places seront limitées pour assurer l'efficacité de la session de formation (travaux pratiques).
> Les participants devront amener leur propre ordinateur (portable de préférence).

> This seminar is designed for users of all levels, and as an evaluation laboratory for prospects and would-be users
> Number of available seats will be limited to ensure maximum effectiveness of the hands-on training session.
> Participants are required to bring their own (lap-top) computer.

> Questo seminario è destinato ad utenti di tutti i livelli, e per permettere una analisi approfondita agli utenti potenziali
> Il numero dei partecipanti sarà limitato per assicurare l'efficacia della sessione di formazione pratica.
> I partecipanti dovranno portare il proprio computer (si raccomanda un portatile).


> 4 APRIL, morning - review of principal basic software features
* weight control principals
* dynamic regression of experience coefficients
* handling uncertainty in estimation
* employing an experience / past ship database
* weight distribution / gyration

> 4 APRIL, afternoon - review of advanced software features
* advanced monitoring / weight control
* reports and export
* import and export of data
* detailed structure specification

> 5 APRIL, morning - hands-on training with examples

> 5 APRIL, afternoon - hands-on training with examples, case studies (customer case studies are welcome)

Participation to the seminar costs Euro 995 per person, payable in advance.
Participants to the December seminar will receive a 10% discount.
Paid registration before Friday, 8 March receives a 10% discount.
Lunch on both days is included in the participation cost.
First-time participants will receive a free 30-day trial license and tech-support subscription.

SHIPWEIGHT is a software tool for weight estimation during design work and weight tracking during construction. SHIPWEIGHT is a relational database program, complete with several prediction, interpolation / extrapolation, statistical and deviation analysis, etc. routines and algorithms, as well as full tabular and graphical output. SHIPWEIGHT generates GHS and NAPA weight distribution output macros.

The database structure of SHIPWEIGHT is comprehensive yet flexible, and supports SWBS and other specifications.

Introduced in 1998, SHIPWEIGHT is currently used at over 50 sites world-wide.

For information, the following description files will be sent separately:

> ShipWeight Training 0112 - the syllabus of the December 2001 training course held in Antibes
> ShipWeight SAWE Paper - a case study of Ulstein Shipyards (Norway), and of the implementation of SHIPWEIGHT there
> ShipWeight Brochure 011127 - a short, resume brochure
> WalleniusPR.pdf - the press release accompanying the Wallenius Mark IV RoRo ship launching. ShipWeight was used in the design and production control of these ships.

> Travel: nearest airport is Nice, nearest train station is Antibes, by car take Autoroute exit 44 Antibes
> Hotel Mediathel, Route des Cretes, Sophia Antipolis, tel +33-04-92 94 68 00 / fax +33-04-93 65 43 41 / e-mail /

Please contact Design Systems & Technologies (co-ordinates below). For technical questions, you may also contact BAS, Mr. Runar Aasen (,, tel +47-70 32 92 80).

I look forward to seeing you there,



Design Systems & Technologies
150 Rue de Goa, 06600 Antibes, France
tel +33-4-9291 1324 / fax +33-4-9291 1338 / /

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