Design Systems & Technologies presents:

Spring 2002

Structure, Outfitting, Nesting, Piping, Project database, Project manager, Automatic output drawings & database reports

=> AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 17,18,19 April 2002
(location to be announced)

to be repeated in
=> ANTIBES - Sophia Antipolis, France, 22,23,24 April 2002
Mediathèl Hotel in Sophia Antipolis (06)
Route des Crêtes
tel +33-04-9294 6800 / fax +33-04-9365 4341 /

by Albacore Research (Canada) & Design Systems & Technologies (F)

Mr. Eric DIONNE - Albacore Research (Canada)
Mr. Stéphane DARDEL - Design Systems & Technologies (F)

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NB: Design Systems & Technologies est formateur agrée, vous pouvez donc demander le soutien financier de votre établissement de formation, continu pour les frais de séminaire


> Ce séminaire est conçu pour utilisateurs des tous niveaux
> Les places seront limitées pour assurer l'efficacité de la session de formation (travaux pratiques)
> Les participants devront amener leur propre ordinateur (portable de préférence)
> Les participants aux sessions de travaux pratique recevront une licence d'essai valable 30 jours, ansi qu'une remise de 10% sur les achats de licences ShipConstructor avant le 31 May 2002

> This seminar is designed for users of all levels
> Number of available seats will be limited to ensure maximum effectiveness of the hands-on training session
> Participants are required to bring their own (lap-top) computer
> Participants to the hands-on training sessions will receive a free 30 day trial license (single seat, stand-alone), and 10% discount on ShipConstuctor purchases completed before 31 May 2002.

> Questo seminario è destinato ad utenti di tutti i livelli
> Il numero dei partecipanti sarà limitato per assicurare l'efficacia della sessione di formazione pratica
> I partecipanti dovranno portare il proprio computer (si raccomanda un portatile)
> I partecipanti alle sessioni di formazione pratica riceveranno gratuitamente una licenza di prova valida 30 giorni, ed una riduzione del 10% sul software ShipConstructor acquistato entro il 31 Maggio 2002.


The two seminars will be identical in program and schedule. Only dates and locations are different. The two locations have been selected for geographical convenience. You can attend whichever seminar is most convenient for you.

The ShipConstructor software suite is a powerful, easy-to-use, AutoCAD based product modeling tool for ships and offshore structures. Fair, loft, model 3D structure, route pipe, outfit, nest parts, and produce NC-code all within an easy-to-use, familiar interface. Built around an SQL Server database, ShipConstructor offers up to date, accurate production reports at any time.

ShipConstructor, is a superior modeling and production tool, of significant impact in increasing quality, efficiency and overall cost savings. Designed to use a common platform that anyone can use, ShipConstructor runs inside AutoCAD and promotes inter-departmental co-operation and simplifies communication; two areas where costly mistakes and production bottlenecks tend to occur.

The centralized product model database provides project standards and libraries enforcing consistent drawings. All drawings and parts are linked to a high performance SQL Server database (transparent to the user). Security privileges allow for real-time access to the same integrated product model for all user groups while preventing accidental data corruption.

Active exclusively in the ship design and ship building industries for over 15 years, we have equipped over 400 companies in Europe alone with specialized software. We also provide expert training, technical support and engineering services to our customers. DS&T is not simply a software vendor, but rather a long term, supportive partner.

ARL was founded in 1991 with the launching of ShipCAM, still today the tool of reference in double-curvature shell plate expansion. ShipConstructor for AutoCAD was first released in 1996 to perform structural modeling, outfit modeling, and nesting. The integrated Piping module has been available since late 2001. About 1000 seats of ShipConstructor are installed world-wide. ShipConstructor won the Marine Log 2001 Award for "Enhancing Shipyard Productivity".
For over 10 years now, Albacore Research has been the most innovative company in ship building PC software.

> 17 APRIL, morning (will be repeated on 22 APRIL, morning) - review of principal features of Structure, Outfit and Nesting
* Overview and program philosophy
* The product model
* Project management and set-up
* Units and Planar groups
* Plate and profile parts
* Flanges (faceplates), brackets and standard parts
* Interference checking
* Outfit parts
* Output drawings: workshop, assemblies, stiffener plots
* Database reports
* Nesting
* NC codes

> 17 APRIL, afternoon (will be repeated in Antibes on 22 APRIL, afternoon) - review of principal features of Piping
* Overview and program philosophy
* The pipe drawing
* Placing pipes and fittings
* Routing a bent pipe
* Defaults, Specifications (Specs) and Stocks
* Connections
* Importing pipes
* Creating and placing a valve
* Penetrations
* Defining spools
* Spool drawings

> 18 APRIL, all day (will be repeated in Antibes on 23 APRIL, all day)
* Structure, Outfit, Nesting: hands-on training with examples
* open Question & Answer session

> 19 APRIL, all day (will be repeated in Antibes on 23 APRIL, all day)
* Piping: hands-on training with examples
* open Question & Answer session

Hands-on training is designed to be carried out on modern lap-tops and ordinary desktop PCs: P3/500 with 128Mb of ram, with graphics of 1024x768 will be adequate. Lower specification computers are not recommended. The exercises will follow a printed tutorial, so that participants can later repeat the exercises or practice on their own with the guide.

Participants must bring their own lap-top or desk-top computer / monitor.
Alternatively, upon request, DS&T can indicate details of companies for rental of a computer on-site. Please note well that DS&T is NOT in a position to rent computers for participants.
Participants must install the ShipConstructor software on their computer before the seminar. Install CDs will be shipped up to 1 week before the seminar dates, after confirmation of registration.

· The presentation sessions will be free (17 and 22 April). Lunch will NOT be provided.

· The hands-on training sessions are not free. Fees will be charged as follows:
> Structure, Outfit, Nesting hands-on training: €uro 495 per person, to be paid in advance. Lunch is included.
> Piping hands-on training: €uro 495 per person, to be paid in advance. Lunch is included.

Participants to the hands-on training sessions will receive a free 30 day trial license (single seat, stand-alone), and 10% discount on ShipConstructor purchases completed before 31 May 2002.

Payment is to be completed in advance.
Registration will not be accepted if a telefax and telephone number, and a European VAT number are not indicated.
For hands-on training sessions only:
Payment by credit card is strongly encouraged: accepted cards are Visa, Carte Bleu, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.
Registration for the hands-on training sessions will not be accepted and confirmed without payment.
Corresponding invoice and receipt of debit transactions for credit cards will be sent with confirmation of registration acceptance.

The number of available seats is limited, and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.
It is easy to register: simply fill the registration form at the end of this document, and fax it or e-mail it to Design Systems & Technologies today.
Upon acceptance, the registration form will be FAXED back to the accepted participant.


> Travel: Amsterdam Schipol airport, nearest train station is Schipol airport
> the venue will be held at the airport or in its vicinity, definitive location to be announced

Travel to ANTIBES
> Travel: nearest airport is Nice, nearest train station is Antibes, by car take Autoroute A8, exit 44 Antibes
> Hotel Mediathel, Route des Crêtes, Sophia Antipolis, tel +33-(0)4-92 94 68 00 / fax +33-(0)4-93 65 43 41 / e-mail /
> also see map appended at the end of this document

Please contact Design Systems & Technologies today.

I look forward to seeing you there !



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