Design Systems & technologies presents:

Method for Analysis, Evaluation & Structural Optimisation

Antibes - Sophia Antipolis

Tuesday 23 April at 14:00 hrs to Friday 26 April 17:00 hrs, 2002
Mediathèl Hotel in Sophia Antipolis (06), Route des Crêtes, tel +33-(0)4-9294 6800
by Proteus Engineering (USA) & Design Systems & Technologies (F)
Mr. Kevin STONE - Proteus Engineering (USA)


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Seminar language will be English
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NB: Design Systems & Technologies est formateur agrée, vous pouvez donc demander le soutien financier de votre établissement de formation continu pour les frais de séminaire


> Ce séminaire est conçu pour participants des tous niveaux au moins moyen.
> Les places seront limitées pour assurer l'efficacité de la session de formation (travaux pratiques).
> Les participants devront amener leur propre ordinateur (portable de préférence).
> Les participants recevront une licence d'essai MAESTRO AEO + E gratuite valable 30 jours.

> This seminar is designed for particpants of all levels.
> Number of available seats will be limited to ensure maximum effectiveness of the hands-on training session.
> Participants are required to bring their own (lap-top) computer.
> Participants will receive a free 30-day trial license of MAESTRO AEO + E.

> Questo seminario è destinato a partecipanti di tutti i livelli.
> Il numero dei partecipanti sarà limitato per assicurare l'efficacia della sessione di formazione pratica.
> I partecipanti dovranno portare il proprio computer (si raccomanda un portatile).
> I partecipanti riceveranno una licenza prova gratuita di MAESTRO AEO + E valida 30 giorni.

MAESTRO is a structural calculation package based on Finite Element Analysis, aimed at evaluating and optimising ship structures. Thanks to its fundamental coarse-mesh approach, MAESTRO is a uniquely specialized tool for the study of reinforced shells (ship and submarine hulls & superstructures, offshore rigs, semi-submersibles, etc.).
The MAESTRO global model is built in a matter of hours thanks to the powerful graphical interactive modeller (intrinsically associative, database and object oriented). Comprehensive post-processing takes just minutes thanks to the focused stress and limit-state analyser. In addition to evaluating the coarse mesh model, MAESTRO is capable of fine-meshing selected areas and/or elements in the structure for more traditional stress concentration studies, thanks to its DSA module.
Several load types are supported (including inertial loading), and all hydrostatic pressures are accounted for automatically (including waves). The ship is statically balanced on waves of any description.
MAESTRO users include Classification Societies, Shipyards, Design Bureaus, Research Organizations, National Navies, Universities, etc.

Seminar begins Tue 23 April at 14:00.

Every day, feature reviews and hands-on applications will be alternated in the most productive way:
> review of software features to be covered
> hands-on training with examples, case studies (customer case studies are welcome)

Thursday afternoon and Friday will be dedicated to DSA:
> DSA theory & practice session

Seminar ends Friday 26 April at 17:00.

Active exclusively in the ship design and ship building industries for over 15 years, we have equipped over 400 companies in Europe alone with specialized software. We also provide expert training, technical support and engineering services to our customers. DS&T is not simply a software vendor, but rather a long term, supportive partner.

Proteus Engineering provides high-end software and engineering services to the marine industry worldwide. With staff of naval architects, marine engineers, and computer programmers, Proteus develops and distributes specialized ship design and manufacturing software collectively known as FlagShip, with modules for hull form design and fairing, structural design and analysis, sea-keeping analysis, hydrostatics and stability, resistance and powering, weight estimating, manoeuvring performance prediction, and detail design. In addition, Proteus has an active consultancy using these products, allowing us to provide overflow services to our software customers, and giving us insight into new software development. Proteus is a division of Anteon Corporation (NYSE:ANT), a $750 million engineering and information services company.

Participation to the seminar will costs €uro 1495 per person, payable in advance.
Lunch on both days is included in the participation cost.

NB: le prix de 1495 €uro est hors taxes. Les participants Français y devront rajouter la TVA à 19.6%, soit 195 €uro. Ceci sera indiqué su la facture.

Payment is to be completed in advance.
Registration will not be accepted if a telefax and telephone number, and a European VAT number are not indicated.
Payment by credit card is strongly encouraged: accepted cards are Visa, Carte Bleu, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.
Registration will not be accepted and confirmed without payment.
Corresponding invoice and receipt of debit transactions for credit cards will be sent with confirmation of registration acceptance.

The number of available seats is limited, and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.
It is easy to register: simply fill the registration form at the end of this document, and fax it or e-mail it to Design Systems & Technologies today.
Upon acceptance, the registration form will be FAXED back to the accepted participant.

> Travel: nearest airport is Nice, nearest train station is Antibes, by car take Autoroute A8 exit 44 Antibes
> Hotel Mediathèl, Route des Crêtes, Sophia Antipolis, tel +33-(0)4-92 94 68 00 / fax +33-(0)4-93 65 43 41 / e-mail /
> also see appended map

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