Run Files

130173 Checking for angle of maxRA 11/97
BOOMTEST Demonstrates the BOOM command. 11/97
CYLCYL Fitting a longitudinal component to a transverse cylinder 1/98
DOCK10 Finding block reactions during dry docking 7/97
DSTAB Basic damage stability 1/98
EQULIM Limit of equil 1/98
INTER Simple example of intermediate stages of flooding 1/98
LAUNCH Launching example - stern first 1/98
MODUWIND Setting wind pressure profile using Res. 749 coefficients 1/98
REQGM170 Finds minumum GM according to 46 CFR 170.170. 10/96
SKYPT Forcing a given point down to a given level 4/97
VARYSAIL Finding max. VCG when cargo wind plane varies 4/97

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