AccuRender Release Notes

2008-12-04: SR 4.0.3c (Service Release 3)

  • Compatibility with AutoCAD 2009
  • AutoCAD 2009: blocks did not render correctly
  • AutoCAD 2009: Did not render HDRi's (2008-12-04)
Bug Fixes:
  • Crash when deleting clippingplanes that where turned off.
  • Scripting Lights didn't work
  • Mousepointer didn't work in the Material Docking Window.
  • Improved Materials in Windows Vista
  • Post Processing Depth Of Field didn't work.
  • Advanced raytrace settings don't stick.
  • Crash when running batch rendering in old AR3 interface.
  • Walkabout window did not update correctly after rendering completes.
  • Loading a model with AR4/AR3 data second time in a session causes instability on AutoCAD 2008 in some cases.
  • AutoCAD 2008: crash when canceling "Floor Elevations" dialog.
  • AutoCAD 2008: scale not correct when changing between metric and imperial measurement system.
  • Materials did not save correctly in Windows Vista.
  • Content Browser combo box navigation did not keep up to date in Windows Vista.

2007-06-08: SR 4.0.2 (Service Release 2)

  • Limited support for Windows Vista
  • Walkabout/Raytrace layouts do not appear until model is loaded.
Bug Fixes:
  • Smoothmove installer failed to run 1on Windows x64.
  • Stop rendering doesn't work through toolbar (ESC-key press implemented instead)
  • Serial number missing on about dialog.
  • DXF import/export broken.
  • Managers hidden when creating new document after closing all docs.
  • Status command crashes AutoCAD when walkabout tab active.
  • Batch rendering doesn't support schemes proper.
  • Load a scheme doesn't change exposure settings.
  • Saving new camera does not ask for camera name but uses "Copy of XXX" instead.
  • Not possible to tag multiple blocks as lights or plants.
  • About command crashes AutoCAD when on walkabout tab.

2007-04-13: SR 4.0.2 Service Release 2 Beta 2

Features: Bug Fixes:
  • coMOTION crashes when when logging is enabled on AutoCAD 2007.
  • Zone objects did not recover correctly from drawing corruption problems.

2007-02-14: SR 4.0.2 Service Release 2 Beta 1

  • Increased maximum render sizes to 15000x15000
Bug Fixes:
  • Random objects get selected after running AR4 command.
  • RPCs don't insert into model in certain situations.
  • coMOTION wireframe preview does not work properly in AutoCAD 2007 with camera actions
  • coMOTION crashes on startup if a newer version of DosLIB has been installed
  • coMOTION zooms out when executing object actions and causes re-meshing of all objects.

2006-09-27: SR 4.0.1 Service Release 1c


Automatic update speed negates the need to set the raytrace delay in the options dialog. This should speed up very large renderings (3000x3000 upwards) by quite a lot.
Increased raytrace/radiosity delay edit box bounds to 30000 (30 seconds)

Bug Fixes:

A poorly optimized core was causing slower rendering that usual. This is now fixed.

2006-09-15: SR 4.0.1 Service Release 1b

Bug Fixes:

Render to AutoCAD view sometimes renders the walkabout window instead.
Picking the render window not always working.
Thumbnails do not appear in content picker in AutoCAD 2007
ADT 2007 objects did not translate correctly in certain circumstances.

2006-08-31: SR 4.0.1 Service Release 1a


AccuRender opens the video problems FAQ page when it detects a graphics card problem.

Bug Fixes:

Evaluation versions could not run in Spanish.
Installing a localized version over an English version did not switch the language
Setting the AutoCAD view from a camera did not work correctly.

2006-08-16: SR 4.0.1 Service Release 1


Assigning material to a layer and editing it will auto-select the new material.

Bug Fixes:

Plants did not insert correctly when dragging from the Content Manager.
Multiple plant insertions did not work correctly in AutoCAD 2007.
Saving a material from the open dialog did not work correctly in localized versions.
Render window images were not saved correctly in certain situations on Windows 2000.

2006-08-02: SR 4.0.1 Beta 3


Command added to reopen toolbars (ar4_ReopenToolbars)

Bug Fixes:

Raytrace window flickering after editing environment.
Displaying a rendering with a zoom factor < 100 prints "out of memory" message to command line.
Render window function doesn't allow to pick points.
Switch to plan view broken in certain situations.
Switching to plan view system did not correctly work if the user choose "no".
Changing an HDRi background while in Raytrace window and in perspective mode in model space caused a crash.
Panoramas not displayed in panorama list after adding them.
Crash when opening object properties in certain situations.
Not possible to edit decals in certain situations.
Selection set removed after certain commands (Paisajismo)
Slowdown when inserting plants through other plugins (Paisajismo)
Crash in NSE in certain situations.
Grip editing a custom camera causes the frustum to disappear.
Cannot redock managers.
Mesh-edge artifacts appeared on reflective surfaces - this is now fixed.
coMOTION did not save animation preview images correctly in AutoCAD 2007. This is now fixed.
Some geometry did not render correctly in 2-point perspective views.

2006-07-04: SR 4.0.1 Beta 2


Added support for AutoCAD 2007.
Added localization for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages.

Bug Fixes:

Clipping planes did not insert correctly (broken in
Layer filter not saved to document.
Model space context menu calls deselect objects.
AccuRender menu did not always display in current workspace.
Managers don't update when copy/pasting objects.
The Farm: Items in job properties dialog not aligned.
Layer manager "by Layer/ by ACI" disappears to early when resizing the dialog.
Layer manager: layers without materials don't sort to the top of the list.
OPM: crash when changing number of lights in light dome.
OPM: not working correct on multiple selected objects.
Batch render manager shows incorrect job info when adding a new job to a set of existing once.
Help button on light dome properties dialog not working.
Help button on network render job queue dialog displays empty page.
The speed of the Walkabout movements cannot be changed by pressing the shift or control key.
Switch to plan view dialog pops up multiple times when inserting a light.
Exposure lock button changes settings.
Exposure settings changes when pressing render button.
R15 version did not find libraries or bitmaps on active document path (UI only)
Tutorial bitmaps were not found when moved out of factory location
16-bit displays caused some bitmap problems - a warning now appears about this at startup.

2006-05-08: SR 4.0.1 Beta 1

Evaluation version support.
Post effects now run on latest post effect SDK - 1.1
Render progress bar added to walkabout manager.
25% increase in rendering speed over initial AR4 release.

Bug Fixes:

coMOTION "Camera follows path" action crashed when attempting to set camera spin.
CTRL + TAB doesn't switch between document when AR4 running.
Large renderings can cause AR to run out of memory while attempting to save images.
Removed DLL image library support from thumbnail machine - should solve threading conflicts
Shell extension was not properly added to Windows "Approved" list - this didn't cause any known problems.
Content names were not properly localized in tooltips and certain confirmation dialogs.
City and map names were not localized on the Sun/Sky settings dialog.
Crash when inserting light dome.
coMOTION rendering failed on certain localized AutoCAD versions.
Editor: crash when displaying material channel
Lots of localization issues fixed.
Auto-repeat walkabout motion buttons don't stay down.
Tutorial bitmaps were not in a location that could be found when rendering.
Crash in localized NSE in certain situations.
Batch renderings always go to the drawing folder
The Farm: Job menu not visible in localized versions.
Object properties dialog: help button not working.
Crash when deleting a light object while in paper space.
Some edit boxes were not correctly sized - this is now fixed.
Upgrade install was difficult because CD Autoplay was on during installation.

New in AccuRender 4.0

You can download AccuRender 4 Beta. AutoCAD 2002, 2004, and 2005 including Architectural and Mechanical Desktop. Once AccuRender 4 is loaded, you can type AR4 at the command line to get the new interface. Or AR3 at the command line to get the old interface. Both interfaces work.

New features include:

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