Services Offered by DS&T

The Design Systems & Technologies group offers a vast spectrum of specialist services, covering all the disciplines addressed by our programs, as well as complementary ones. In addition, we maintain a large number of different platforms in-office, to ensure direct compatibility with most of our customers' systems.

 A short-list of available consulting services follows :

  • Resistance and propulsion analysis
  • Propeller analysis & sizing
  • Towing experiment supervision
  • Propeller construction drawings
  • Specialist marine database composition
  • Intact & damage stability calculations
  • Ship-board stability booklets
  • Loading programs (Load masters)
  • Class approval of stability data
  • 3D modeling for production and shop drawings
  • Class approval of structural drawings
  • Plate expansion
  • Nesting
  • NC cutting instructions, 2 and 3 axis, including beveled cutting
  • Hull design and fairing
  • Appendage design & calculation
  • Superstructure design and fairing
  • Coarse and fine mesh FEM structural analysis
  • FEM shock analysis
  • FEM vibration analysis
  • FEM propeller blade analysis, including added mass and vibrations
  • Seakeeping and turning calculations
  • Shaft vibration calculations
  • CFD calculations
  • Racing yacht performance prediction
  • Custom training software
  • Project management
  • And more...

Training options offered by DS&T

Design Systems & Technologies offer comprehensive training courses at all levels covering both the software we offer and related topics (such as naval architecture, complementary programs, CAD and analysis, etc.).

We always try to adjust training to the customer's situation and requirements. Two successful formulas are :

Training on the job (max. 4 students per instructor).
Training is focused on an on-going or benchmark project, and structured as a real-life consulting performance. Lead by the instructor, the trainees work through the project at hand, thereby facing a realistic situation. This training method was developed to best acquaint new software users to the inevitable difficulties and intricacies of acquiring, processing and transmitting the appropriate information in a focused fashion.
Although training-on-the-job can take place in our offices, the customer's site is a preferable location, as the instructor will learn about the customer's working environment and optimize subject treatment and techniques accordingly.

Seminar training.
Seminar training is normally arranged in a multi-level structure over a number of days. The levels covered are beginner, intermediate and advanced, in separate sessions. Each session comprises of a general lecture, a hands-on period, and a case study.
Seminars are offered on general or focused topics. On request, company specific seminars are arranged, as is often the case to present the preparation, development and conclusion of a consulting job. Seminars are organized periodically around the world by
DS&T and its partner companies. Please contact us for more information.

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