Tech Note - July 1999


Albacore Research Ltd. of Victoria, Canada created a new utility application, CAD-LinkViewer that allows AutoCAD users who do not have CAD-Link to view CAD-Link generated solid structural model drawings.

AutoCAD is widely used within the shipbuilding industry. Often companies have dozens of CAD stations or use external consulting services to complete the many tasks involved in designing a vessel. CAD-Link implements custom entities called "structoids". Plain AutoCAD displays structoids as proxy objects.

A proxy object structoid is essentially a custom solid devised by Albacore Research, to be able to associate logical properties to solid elements, to apply parametric operations to them, and to greatly reduce the storage space required making for much smaller AutoCAD files.

However, AutoCAD does not inherently support certain features such as snapping to pick up locations or dimensions, or listing properties. With CAD-LinkViewer any AutoCAD R14 user can now investigate CAD-Link and be an integral productive member of a team in which only some users run CAD-Link.

Best of all CAD-LinkViewer is free! Download CAD-LinkViewer from the Albacore Research web site:

DS&T represents Albacore Research Ltd. in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Founded in 1986 the DS&T group comprises partnership with 10 company in 3 continents, providing software products, training, technical support and consultancy services ranging the full Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering spectrum of vessel design, construction, operation and management. Today DS&T’s customer base counts over 300 sites and several hundred seats installed within the marine industry, research field and government institutions.

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