HydroComp Inc., of Durham, NH USA, is pleased to announce the release of PropExpert ver.4.2.
PropExpert is a software tool from HydroComp, Inc. for propeller sizing and selection for workboats and pleasure craft.

Reports and Graphs
The graphics of reports and graphs have been enhanced. A logo graphic is now placed on the upper left corner of each page. Users can personalize all reports by creating a logo graphic of their own and copying it over the standard graphic in the program directory.

Build Response
The response that a user gets after clicking the Build button on the Sizing page has been revised for greater efficiency. PropExpert now searches harder to find a solution before returning any appropriate warning or error messages.

There are no longer multiple messages (e.g., "the best diameter is larger than the maximum) during the calculation. One general message at the conclusion of the Build will be shown only if the sizing encountered serious cavitation, an optimum diameter is larger than the maximum, or if a maximum speed could not be found.

Speed Prediction
HydroComp continuously improves PropExpert's speed prediction algorithms as new data is made available.
PropExpert 4.2 includes an improved prediction for all vessel types.

HydroComp provide software products and consultancy services for the performance analysis and design of marine vehicles to industry, research and government clients. Currently over 380 marine professionals in 41 countries worldwide are using HydroComp software.

Design Systems & Technologies is a fully owned, limited company, representing IMSA members and other software companies in Europe, The Middle East, Russia and parts of Africa. DS&T operates principally in the fields of naval architecture, ship building, ship operation and ship management. The software library offered by DS&T includes about 20 selected titles mostly from IMSA member companies, ranging the full spectrum of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering disciplines. Into the 10th year of a successful software marketing activity, the DS&T customer base counts about 400 sites and several hundred software seats installed.

For more information, please contact:

Nick Danese
Design Systems & Technologies
Tel +33 (0)4 92 91 13 24
Fax +33 (0)4 92 91 13 38

March 2000

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