31 July 1999

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Following the introduction of the 1999 version of the ever more successful SHIPCONSTRUCTOR ship design and construction software suite by Albacore Research, Canada, strategic ship design & construction customers in Turkey, Italy and Great Britain have been secured by DESIGN SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES.

They are respectively Gemtek Ltd, Tekno srl and Nigel Gee & Associates Ltd. A concise review of each company's achievements and technological capabilities follows.

GEMTEK Ltd of Tuzla, Turkey, have acquired the SHIPCONSTRUCTOR suite to complement their already ship significant design and production capabilities. After purchasing GHS from DS&T in 1998, Gemtek further expanded their DS&T-supplied software suite by implementing ShipConstructor in the Spring of 1999;
Using SHIPCONSTRUCTOR, today Gemtek serve the Turkish and International ship industry by providing full Naval Architecture and production modelling (solid 3-D) services.
Being the first company to fully implement the SHIPCONSTRUCTOR technology in Turkey, Gemtek are today at a significant advantage in their design and production consulting market.
Gemtek a leading Turkish ship design and ship production firm established in 1986, have completed a remarkable number of projects including Coastal vessels, Tankers, General Cargo vessels, etc. Their expertise and software tools make them a very strong partner for shipyards and ship owners.
GEMTEK, Tuzla, Turkey SHIPCONSTRUCTOR dizayn paketini mevcut projeleri icin kullanmak uzere temin etmis bulunmaktadir.1998 yilinda ghs programini DS&T'den sagladiktan sonra ayni firmadan SHIPCONSTRUCTOR paketini mayis 1999 'da temin ederek yeni bir atilim icine girmistir.
Gemtek SHIPCONSTRUCTOR program paketini kullanarak bugun turk ve uluslararasi alanda 3 boyutlu modelleme ve tum gemi dizayni hesaplamalarini yapabilmektedir.
Gemtek SHIPCONSTRUCTOR program paketini ilk kullanan firma olarak gemi dizayni alaninda onemli bir avantaj kazanmis bulunmaktadir.
Gemtek 1986 yilinda turk denizcilik sektorunde yerini alarak bugune kadar degisik tip ve tonajda gemileri projelendirme calismalarini basariyla tamamlamistir.
Bunlar arasinda cesitli yuk gemileri,tankerler,genel kargo gemileri vs.bulunmaktadir bilgisayarlasmis teknik altyapilari gemtek'i tersaneler ve armatorler tarafindan aranilir kilmaktadir.

Contact: Mr. Alaattin Sahan,
Gemtek Ltd, Muhmane Caddesi Mangir Sok 1/8, 80020 Karakoy-Istanbul, Turkey
tel +90-212-293 3500, fax +90-212-251 1126

TEKNO of Genova, Italy, are a classic example of a major yet under-publicized player in the Italian ship industry.
Users of ShipCam for several years now, Tekno have expanded their software suite to the full SHIPCONSTRUCTOR library earlier this year. Being one of the most successful companies in the Italian ship construction industry, Tekno's implementation of SHIPCONSTRUCTOR clearly states the importance to their business plan and power of this software.
With a core group of 16 people located at company headquarters in Genova, Tekno operates since 1985 in the new-building, repair and ship-owner tech-support arenas. Tekno also maintain on-site offices in the shipyards, as well as permanent staff at ship-owner's offices. Tekno specialise in piping/HVAC, outfitting, engine room design and construction, and steel / aluminum fabrication.
Numerous projects, including several large and technologically advanced ships for Fincantieri (gas carriers for the Carboflotta fleet, fast and slow RoRo ferries, the Repubblica class trans-oceanic RoRos serving South America), Nuovi Cantieri Apuania (passenger ships for the Grimaldi group), Cantieri Morini (chemical tankers), Cantieri SanGiorgio (live stock carriers), etc.
Tekno use SHIPCONSTRUCTOR in the preparation of Classification drawings and production documents, and are proceeding with a gradual introduction of the software to reach company-wide implementation by end 1999. La Genovese TEKNO srl è l'esempio classico di una ditta tanto di rilievo quanto poco conosciuta nel settore navale Italiano.
Utente ShipCam da ormai diversi anni, Tekno ha esteso l'implementazione del pachetto software SHIPCONSTUCTOR a tutti i suoi moduli. Data la sua posizione di considerevole successo sull'orizzonte navale Italiano, l'adozione da parte della Tekno del pacchetto completo SHIPCONSTRUCTOR consacra il ruolo fondamentale di questo software nei piani di crescita e potenziamento della società.
Forte di un nucleo di 16 tecnici basati nell'ufficio principale in Genova, Tekno opera dal 1985 nei settori navali della costruzione ex-novo, della riparazione, dell'allestimento, e dell'assistenza tecnica agli armatori. Oltre all'ufficio di Genova, Tekno mantiene sedi staccate nei cantieri dove opera, e personale presso gli armatori serviti. Tekno è specializzata nelle tecniche inerenti il piping/HVAC, il coordinamento, la progettazione di locali tecnici e sale macchine, e la carpenteria metallica.
Tekno ha partecipato e completato numerosi progetti di rilievo, tra cui le gasiere Carboflotta con Fincantieri, le RoRo classe Repubblica serventi il SudAmerica, navi passeggeri per Grimaldi con Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, chimichiere con i Cantieri Morini, navi porta-bestiame con i Cantieri SanGiorgio, ecc.
Tekno usa SHIPCONSTRUCTOR in tutte le fasi progettuali e produttive, dalla redazione dei piani di Classifica a quella dei documenti di officina, ed ha pianificato l'estensione dell'uso del pacchetto a tutto il gruppo di servizio tecnico entro l'anno 1999.

Contact: Mr. Stefano Camattini, Mr. Tommaso Granara or Mr. Giuseppe Torre,
Tekno srl, Piazza Barabino 10/14, 16149 Genova, Italy
tel +39-010-645 9702, fax +39-010-644 3636

NIGEL GEE & ASSOCIATES Ltd of Southampton, Great Britain, a well-known and established company in the International scene, are an innovative ship-design concern established in 1986. Company growth and expanded business prompted staff increase to 19 and relocation to new premises, but also the implementation of new software tools, including the SHIPCONSTRUCTOR program suite.

With the introduction of SHIPCONSTRUCTOR, Nigel Gee & Associates have extended their services to include integrated ship production, starting with an ambitious all-aluminium, luxury megayacht pilot project, successfully built at Derektors, USA, with whom Nigel Gee & Associates have a strong, long established cooperative relationship.

Other remarkable work by Nigel Gee & Associates includes the low-wash NewYork Fast Ferries, large passenger multi-hulls, 55kt+ passenger ferries for Buquebus, surface effect craft, high-speed open-top feeder containerships (FSP class), and continued activity with the Swiss group Norasia.

Following the recent initial installation of SHIPCONSTRUCTOR, Nigel Gee & Associates have planned further short-term implementation of the system within their 19-strong main technical office.

Contact: Mr. John Bonafoux or Mr. Nigel Gee,
Nigel Gee & Associates, Shamrock Quay, William Street, Bldg 14, Southampton SO14 5QL, Great Britain
tel +44-1703-226 655, fax +44-1703-228 855

For more information, please contact:

Design Systems & Technologies
Tel +33 (0)4 92 91 13 24
Fax +33 (0)4 92 91 13 38




DESIGN SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES and SPAR Associates, Inc. of Annapolis Maryland USA demonstrated new computer software at the most recent conference held by The Royal Institute of Naval Architects in London.

The visual cost estimating system links hull structure modeling with cost estimating and is based upon the hull modeling and analysis software MAESTRO by Proteus Engineering, Stevensville, Maryland USA and the advanced cost estimating system ESTI-MATE by SPAR. The hull model allows rapid development of structural scantlings organized by ship zones and basic types of structural assemblies. The materials cost estimates are developed using prices from a standard parts library for plates and shapes. Labor cost estimates are developed from the size and characteristics of the assemblies identified by the hull model.

July 1999

For more information, please contact :

Proteus Engineering
Tel +1 (410) 643 7496
Fax +1 (410) 643 7535
Design Systems & Technologies 
Tel +33 (0)4 92 91 13 24
Fax +33 (0)4 92 91 13 38
SPAR Associates, Inc
Tel (410) 263 8593
Fax (410) 267 0503


Creative Systems announce :


GHS 7.0

Version 7.0 of GHS (General Hydrostatics) the popular PC-based ship stability/strength software package is released. It represents a major milestone in the continuing enhancements of GHS by its original developer, creative Systems, Inc. of Port Towsend, WA, USA


This version takes advantages of the resources available in 32-bit operating systems to improve performance and user-convenience. It also provides several new features and a many refinements. Among them are:

- Full A-265 (VIII) probabilistic damage
- Torque calculations
- Bulkhead shear corrections
- Calibration of tank properties to match external data
- A new geometry editor
- Easier printer setup

GHS LM (GHS Load Master), the on board trim-and-stability software based on GHS also benefits from some of these improvements; notably, its ability to operate as a true Windows application.

For many years, GHS, BHS (its lower-priced derivative) and GHS LM have been recognized for excelling in completeness, performance and value. Creative Systems, the developer, has been in the ship stability software business since 1972.

DS&T provides software products, training, technical support and consultancy services to the marine industry, research and government clients.

For more information, please contact:

DS&T : e-mail

July 1999

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