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7 November 2001

HydroComp NavCad - the industry’s most widely used performance predictionsoftware - has recently been enhanced with new capabilities for thosesolving engineering design problems with Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic.Version 4 of NavCad is delivered with a personal developer library. This newprogramming environment is an ActiveX DLL (dynamic link library) that can beattached to any Excel or Windows programming project.

A clear and concise API (application programming interface) provides accessto project data and functions for NavCad’s various resistance and propulsioncalculations. For example, the steps to develop a personal analysis in Excel with the NavCad DLL is quite simple:

1. Reference the DLL in Excel’s Visual Basic Editor
2. Map data from cells with data access functions (e.g., NCSetHullLengthWL)
3. Set the calculation parameters (e.g., NCSetPredResWind)
4. Process a calculation (e.g., NCBuildProjResistance)
5. Write the results of the calculation to a worksheet (e.g., NCGetResult)

Potential uses for the personal developer library are many:

1. Synthesis modelers incorporating powering into early-stage design
2. Hull form and propulsor optimization
3. Batch processing of iterative analyses
4. Custom “applets” for managed use by non-technical staff
5. Voyage planning with optimization for route selection and speed
6. Integration with other marine design software

HydroComp, Inc. provides software products and consultancy services for theperformance analysis and design of marine vehicles to industry, research andgovernment clients. Currently more than 400 marine professionals in over 40countries are using HydroComp award-winning marine propulsion software.

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