HydroComp Inc., of Durham, NH USA, is pleased to announce the release of NavCad™ v3.8. NavCad is a naval architect's tool offering an integrated platform to predict resistance and power, and to determine optimum propeller parameters. The focus of this effort has been to improve user effectiveness-promoting accuracy and confidence in the results.

The most significant new feature is for the prediction of Ct-based resistance. In previous versions, prediction methods were spread out over Displacement, Semi-displacement and Sailing yacht hull forms. Periodically, a hull will cross these definitions, requiring frequent back-and-forth changing of hull types. All resistance prediction methods for these hull types are now merged into a single Build process in v3.8.

Likewise, hull data entry has been merged into a single screen for all hulls. All hull data for Displacement, Semi-displacement, Planing, Sailing yacht and Catamaran hulls are now entered on the same page. Data entry can also now be made via non-dimensional parameters (e.g., L/B, B/T).

HydroComp, Inc. provides software products and consultancy services for the performance analysis and design of marine vehicles to industry, research and government clients. Currently over 385 marine professionals in 39 countries worldwide are using HydroComp software.

Design Systems & Technologies is a fully owned, limited company, representing IMSA members and other software companies in Europe, The Middle East, Russia and parts of Africa. DS&T operates principally in the fields of naval architecture, ship building, ship operation and ship management. The software library offered by DS&T includes about 20 selected titles mostly from IMSA member companies, ranging the full spectrum of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering disciplines. Into the 10th year of a successful software marketing activity, the DS&T customer base counts about 400 sites and several hundred software seats installed.

For more information, please contact:

Nick Danese
Design Systems & Technologies
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March 2000

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