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Why Change ?
The reasons for change are as follows

Need to simplify and increase the flexibility of our offer to secure more sales and reduce barriers to upgrading.
Need to deliver key feature enhancements.
Need to resolve problems with product registration and networking.
Need to stay ahead of any perceived competition.

New Structure
NavisWorks3 has a plug in architecture with the enhanced Roamer3 at its core. The new NavisWorks3 Roamer now includes the ability to open native 3D CAD files. This is a fundamental change in response to market demand. Our research confirmed that most professional CAD users highly value the ability to visualize and conduct design review of the native CAD file and that is what we now offer them. The additional functionality will now be available in a range of NavisWorks3 plug-in components. Each NavisWorks3 plug-in must be paired with a Roamer3 and a single Roamer3 can support any configuration of plug-in components.

NavisWorks3 Plug-ins
Roamer3 is the core of NavisWorks3 because no plug-in will work without it.

Clash Detective3

NavisWorks3 Roamer

Roamer3 is the core of NavisWorks3 and clearly positioned as the entry level of our design review solution. Roamer3 will satisfy the normal design review needs of the design project professional.
Roamer3 has considerable improvements in design review functionality in addition to the inclusion of all native CAD file importers and exporters. Features that aid understanding of the model and the object information it may contain have been introduced and enhanced.

There are now Unlimited Hyperlinks that can be associated with an object and the links are enhanced with Text Tags with lines attaching them to the link. The hyperlink enhancement in NavisWorks3 allows simple file link management to any type of file and URL. Text Tag prompts sign post the way and make the model easier to navigate.
Object Property Support is improved and Smart Tags now appear when the cursor hovers over object information. The new Smart Tags display the detail information as text and further improves understanding of the model. The Smart Tags feature is controlled under Global Options which has been enlarged and enhanced to make it easy to set up NavisWorks3 to control personal needs/preferences.
A Selection Box has been introduced and the Tree Selection and Find Items tools have been improved to create powerful search tools. It is now much easier to quickly locate and therefore visualize and review any part of a model.
Cross Sectioning has been improved so that up to six planes can be selected and combined helping focus on specific areas of interest in the model. Recognition of Units has been added and we have introduced support for .DWG and .DGN 2D information as Lines, Points and Planes. The Animation Interface in Roamer3 now has a Time Slider and a drop down view on existing animations which combine to make it simpler to use and animations even quicker to make.

NavisWorks3 Publisher

Publisher3 has the defined role of publishing the compact and secure .NWD files.
Our proprietary file format offers a standard for design communication. The focus of Publisher3 enhancement has been security so published NavisWorks3 .NWD files can be password protected and carry author credit and copyright information.

NavisWorks3 Presenter

Presenter3 introduces photo-realistic rendering and delivers what so many potential users have wanted from us since our first product was launched.
The photo-realistic images that Presenter3 will be capable of producing have a WOW factor that shout for themselves. The images created using out Library demonstration model here and at the top of this page clearly show the power of Presenter3.

NavisWorks3 Clash Detective

The fast interference checking capabilities that Clash Detective adds to Roamer3 delivers a clear Return on Investment business.
In one particular UK test project the value of reworking and delay that was avoided by using NavisWorks Clash Detective was estimated as £600,000 [almost 10% of the contract sum]. NavisWorks3 Clash Detective is faster and easier to use than any competing product and ensures maximum productivity with extensive reporting capabilities that we have improved to meet customer demand.

The reporting of interferences in Clash Detective3 has been enhanced with the ability to write reports as .HTML text and graphics. It will be easier to see clashes as textual as well as graphical information for rapid location and resolution. Discovered clashes can also now be saved as viewpoints which can be reviewed with stand alone Roamer3.

Upgrading To NavisWorks3
All NavisWorks Bond holders can move smoothly to NavisWorks3 and gain significant benefit for their investment.

Those users who hold NavisWorks Bond have seen the real value of their subscription with significant added features and functionality improvements throughout the life of NavisWorks 2 and now they can move painlessly to NavisWorks3. Anyone purchasing NavisWorks 2 with Bond and registering it before the release of NavisWorks3 will see immediate benefit.

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