Navis Works NavisWorks 3.3 Released ! - New Module : TimeLiner


We are pleased to announce that NavisWorks Version 3.3 is released. A new product, TimeLiner, is also introduced, and special offers are available in 2003-Q4 for both new user, and current users holding a NavisWorks Bond.

Notice of Bondholder Promotion
The Bondholder web pages offer detail of the enhancements included in this latest version and a release announcement. Please note that we have given every Bondholder a special TimeLiner3 evaluation license for the chance to try the newest plug-in for free and buy at an exclusive Bond holder discount. Until November 30th 2003 each Bondholder can enjoy an extended evaluation of NavisWorks3 TimeLiner. If they decide to purchase TimeLiner3 at any time before December 31st 2003 they are eligible for a 15% Bondholder discount on this new product.

The NavisWorks database of users and prospects will be given notice of our new release and invited to sample it using our downloadable demonstration software and "test-drive" time-limited evaluation software.

NavisWorks3 TimeLiner
Delivered in version 3.3, TimeLiner3 is the first new plug-in component for our 3D design review solution since the launch of NavisWorks3. In common with our flexible product architecture, TimeLiner3 plugs into the dynamic Roamer3 hub i.e. NavisWorks3 Roamer + TimeLiner3.

TimeLiner3 aims to satisfy the growing interest in affordable 4D construction simulation for building and site planning, as well as presentation of time-based modeling.

The core NavisWorks3 selection and search sets, color and transparency control functionality is used by TimeLiner3 to change viewing parameters of objects against time based settings. NavisWorks3 TimeLiner makes it easy and affordable to produce time simulations and "what-if" scenarios. Whilst these can be set-up solely in NavisWorks3, we also provide links to some major project software such as Microsoft Project, Primavera P3 and Asta Powerproject. TimeLiner3 also supports any project scheduling software that can export the common MPX format, such as Primavera SureTrak.

TimeLiner3 enables :

  • Clear communication of the project schedule within the team
  • Better planning of subcontractor personnel
  • Better planning of site materials and temporary structures
  • Clear visibility of 'can it be built' scenarios
  • Clear visibility of the project workflow
  • Clear visibility of the project at any time or date
  • Uses the power of NavisWorks as the single intelligent building model

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