Design Systems and Technology welcomes

Hellenic Shipyards,

the largest shipbuilding and ship repairing yard in Greece, to the DS&T User Group!Hellenic Shipyards acquired the programs GHS, NavCad™ and MidShip Section Calculator.Hellenic Shipyards have 2000 m of fully equipped wharves and piers, with over 50 cranes with lifting capacity ranging from 20t to 120t, two floating cranes with 130 tons and 36 tons, 3 Floating docks with capacity for docking vessels up to 72000 dwt. Hellenic Shipyards also have Graving docks for the building and repair of vessels up to 500.000 dwt, as well as a building berth (232 meters length x 45 meters breadth) for the construction of vessels up to 40000 dwt. Hellenic Shipyards include divisions for New-Building (Commercial and Naval vessels of all types), Repair and Industrial Work.

GHS (General HydroStatics) is the most widely accepted hydrostatic/stability software available. Developed by Creative Systems of Port Towsend, USA, the GHS software allows efficient modeling and analysis of all types of vessel. Employed by naval architects, builders, salvors, universities and governmental regulatory agencies, GHS is currently distributed in version 7.32, Condition Graphic and Multi Body represent the latest additions to the GHS module library.

NavCad™, by HydroComp, USA, is the most powerful and versatile tool offering an integrated platform to predict resistance and power, and to determine optimum propeller parameters. Currently distributed in version 3.8, NavCad™ allows evaluation of virtually every type of displacements, semi-displacement and planing, river barge, sailboat and catamaran. Furthermore, towing and free-running analyses are supported in addition to open, ducted and surface-piercing propellers, cycloidal propellers and water-jets.

Midship Section Calculator is the tool for effective and accurate ship design and salvage engineering.
Developed by Visual Systems Workshop of Shoreline, USA, MSC calculates the sectional properties of ship cross-sections (cross-sectional area, centroid, intertias, moduli); the cross-section is built in a CAD-like environment using modeling tools and libraries shapes. MSC is one of seven modules defining the Windows Manager suite designed to add Windows standard features to GHS.

Design Systems & Technologies is a fully owned, limited company, representing IMSA members and other software companies in Europe, The Middle East, Russia and Africa. The software library offered by DS&T includes about 20 selected titles, ranging the full spectrum of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering disciplines. Our installed customer base counts about 400 sites and several hundred software seats installed.

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July 2000

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