MER - April 1999 Issue

The latest generation of SmartEngine from HydroComp and its partner Design Systems & Technologies includes the SmartEngine Control System. The system is designed to operate an engine at a pre-set output while maintaining optimum fuel efficiency.

A key feature of the new system is its ability to acquire hydrodynamic, performance and navigation information. The control algorithms calculate output instructions based on incoming system data, allowing a dynamic response to the constantly changing propulsive requirements of a vessel at sea.

The system supports unlimited practical application in all aspects of vessel operation. Data files allow an operator to interrogate every aspect of the propulsion system efficiency, both at sea and on shore. The effect of a SmartEngine installation is reduced fuel consumption, reduced gas emissions, reduced machinery wear and tear and improved preventative maintenance.

Another new software package from HydroComp improves the preparation, sizing and analysis of work boat and pleasure craft propellers.

The system called PropExpert 4.0 can determine the optimal diameter, pitch, blade area and rev/min for most inboard propellers with two to five blades from 450mm to 2.5m, and can be used to access the propeller performance of yachts, tugs, trawlers, patrol craft and sport fishing boats.

Marine Engineers Review (MER) is the flagship magazine of the Institute of Marine Engineers.

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