As of May 2000, Design Systems & Technologies (DS&T) represent McNeel & Associates in the marketing of RHINO3D in Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

Rhino3D is a leading surface modeller much appreciated by several Naval Architects.

RHINO3D has earned good marks over time, and has been accepted as a perfect companion for FastShip, the world's best hull design program by Proteus Engineering, also represented by DS&T.

The combination of FastShip and Rhino3D is unbeatable in the modelling of marine structures, merging the power of FastShip's free-form modelling and Rhino3D's detailing tools.

FastShip and Rhino3D exchange information via the industry standard IGES interface, allowing combined models to be manipulated and analysed in FastShip, (including of course station, waterline and buttock fairness evaluation, surface curvature, hydrostatics and stability, etc.)


In a move to strengthen the commitment to Albacore Research's ShipConstructor innovative ship production program, Design Systems & Technologies (DS&T) has been granted Unique Application Reseller status by AutoDesk (SouthEurope).

DS&T now sell AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and other AutoDesk products used in connection with ShipConstructor, in the territory of Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

Of course, all language versions are supported, and pricing is very competitive.

ShipConstructor 2000 runs in AutoCad 2000, and exploits the most advanced tools offered by AutoDesk in its modern software, including real-time linking to the ShipReport relational database, drawing file linking and automated updating.

The ShipConstructor solid model also benefits from the interference checking offered by AutoCad, and from all the import / export routines supporting a wide variety of file formats.

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May 2000

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