T-Splines 2.3 for Rhino RELEASED!

3 May 2010

T-Splines 2.3 for Rhino Released, Enabling Designers to Create High-Quality Freeform Models and Featuring Integration with Grasshopper and Orca3D

Integration with popular programs Grasshopper and Orca3D, as well as translation into Italian, French, and Spanish, further expands T-Splines' usefulness for creating high-quality freeform designs.

T-Splines, Inc., creators of precise and flexible 3D surface modeling tools with full industry standard compatibility, today announced the production release of T-Splines v2.3 for Rhino. T-Splines gives designers the ability to create high quality freeform models, edit them quickly, and export them for manufacturing directly without any remodeling.

T-Splines 2.3 features integration with two other products based on the Rhino platform, Grasshopper and Orca3D, localization in Italian, French, and Spanish, speed enhancements, and new precision modeling tools. A 25-saves free trial of T-Splines can be downloaded at http://www.tsplines.com/freetrial .

"Using T-Splines with Grasshopper is the best way I have found to model complex and organic forms using parametric data."

Users of Grasshopper, a popular generative modeling program based on Rhino, can now use freeform T-Spline shapes as the basis of Grasshopper-generated models. A T-Splines component for Grasshopper is also available for push-button conversion of meshes to NURBS.

"Using T-Splines with Grasshopper is the best way I have found to model complex and organic forms using parametric data," said Rodrigo Medina of designplaygrounds.com. Examples of how to use T-Splines and Grasshopper can be found at http://www.tsplines.com/grasshopper.html .

The integration of T-Splines with Orca3D, a marine plugin based on Rhino, means that naval architects can cut sections through T-Splines hulls and these sections will update dynamically as control points are edited. T-Splines objects can also be used for Orca3D hydrostatics analysis and can have Orca3D weight/cost properties assigned to them. Learn more about how to use T-Splines and Orca3D together at http://www.tsplines.com/applications/marine.html .

The T-Splines plugin is now translated into Italian, French, and Spanish to further enable T-Splines users in these languages to take advantage of the ability of T-Splines to easily create smooth, freeform geometry that can be passed downstream to any CAD program.

T-Splines v2.3 also features a number of speedups, bug fixes, new tools for modeling with precision, and a 25-saves trial.

"T-Splines is of greatest value to the busiest designers, because it allows them to iterate more quickly between designs and converge on the desired shape," said Matt Sederberg, CEO of T-Splines. "Since we recognize how little time designers have to try new software, we have now made available a free trial of T-Splines that has no time limit--the software is fully functional for 25-saves."

T-Splines v2.3 is a free service release for existing users of T-Splines v2 for Rhino. New users can purchase the product for $599 or download a 25-saves free trial at http://www.tsplines.com/store.html .

About T-Splines
T-Splines, Inc. develops surface modeling software with optimal control and full industry standard compatibility for industrial designers and CAD professionals. Founded in 2004 and based in Provo, Utah, the company develops and markets end-user plug-ins and software development libraries based on its next-generation, NURBS-compatible technology.

Download TSplines v2.3 and read full details at T-Splines homepage or visit www.tsplines.com for more information.

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