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Manual data transfer is highly inefficient and very much prone to error. If the different departments and subcontractors in a shipyard’s extended environment have difficulty accessing and utilizing current data about a project, free of inconsistencies and errors, your shipyard opens itself up to pricey mistakes. Furthermore, using highly skilled engineers to find and format data is unproductive.

To be an efficient and effective shipyard, automation is the answer. The Synchronized Shipyard solution ensures just that. Enabling engineering data to drive all other departments, tools, and processes – either directly or by use of PLM and ERP/MRP applications, allows your shipyard to run like a well-oiled machine.

SSI has created a scalable software solution that focuses on dealing with exactly that issue. Using SSI’s EnterprisePlatform, departments and tools are connected with the current engineering data found in the product data model of SSI’s ShipConstructor software.

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