NEW! SwiftTrial - sea trial analysis software from HydroComp!

May, 2003

Test-drive SwiftTrial FREE until May 31st.

HydroComp is pleased to introduce SwiftTrial - a tool for the management and analysis of sea trials (steady-state, overload and acceleration trials). SwiftTrial is the next product in HydroComp's SwiftWorks collection of marine performance tools, joining the SwiftCraft software for speed and power prediction.

The value and usefulness of this information, however, can be greatly increased when the data is analyzed. Sea trial analysis is a critical process that can be used to provide a sense for how a boat is really operating. It can help fix problems when they appear, and better yet, it can be used in the design process of future boats and ships to help avoid these problems from the outset. Without analysis, a sea trial is just a table of numbers. SwiftTrial gives you the tools to reveal the true performance behind the numbers.

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