Time limited special offer on SwiftCraft reserved to users of

FastShip, FastYacht and PHASER

January 28, 2003

If your work requires reliable resistance prediction and propulsion analysis, you may have outgrown your current speed & power calculations. Using SwiftCraft - HydroComp's newest powering software - with your existing methods is a cost-effective way to add a new level of expertise to your business - and a new appreciation from your clients. SwiftCraft has the ability to read data from FastShip, FastYacht, and PHASER, so you'll save time and avoid data input errors.

Learn about SwiftCraft at www.ds-t.com and at www.hydrocompinc.com/swiftcraft/.

Limited-time Offer
To celebrate the launch of SwiftCraft, we have worked with HydroComp to create a limited-time special offer to customers of Design Systems & Technologies that use FastShip, FastYacht and PHASER:

> a discount of US$495 on the purchase of SwiftCraft.

You can buy SwiftCraft for $ 2500, plus shipping. Please note that this special offer expires February 15, 2003.

Place your order today with Design Systems & Technologies to receive this special discount.

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