ShipWeight 9.0 RELEASED!

October 2009

We are pleased to announce that the new ShipWeight version 9.0 has now been released. As always, our development is highly customer driven and we want to extend our thanks and gratitude to you all for all feedback and suggestions that has lead to this new version. The new features in version 9.0 include, amongst other:

  • Modular Weight Distribution Report
  • Loading Conditions and Hydrostatics
  • 3D Plot of Weights
  • Pre-Import Test Area for Data File Import
  • Project Dump File for Exchanging Projects
  • “Quick Dump” from Items Dialog to Excel
  • Total CoG Impact Calculation from Changes
  • and much more ...

To read more about these and other new features in ShipWeight 9.0, please see "Upgrade Information" and "What is new in ShipWeight 9.0" .

If you are subscribing to ShipWeight Maintenance and Support you are eligible to upgrade to this new version, please see attached documents for information on how to obtain the new version.

If you are not current with ShipWeight Maintenance and Support subscription, please contact us for license or upgrade quotation.

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