ShipWeight 11.31 RELEASED!

23 January 2014

A new ShipWeight patch has been released.  The latest ShipWeight release is now 11.31. 

All files and documentation needed to upgrade from 11.x to 11.31 can be downloaded from the download section of our website

Further information on the patch install and new functionality (including list of corrected errors) can be find here : 
11-3 New functionality and bug fix list
11-3 Patch Update Information
Phase Code Presentation

Thank you to everyone who has reported errors, if you have reported errors not corrected in the attached list we will do our best to correct it in the next patch.

  • Note 1: A pre-notification version of this patch has been available on our website as version 11.30.  If you have installed 11.30, please run the client install to upgrade the client application and then run the fix script for update from 11.30 to 11.31 (posted on our download section of our website) on all project databases starting with SWxx_ and not ending on _Log, where xx represents any number from 00 to 10.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.
  • Note 2: You cannot go directly from 10.x to 11.31 via the patch, but the latest complete installation setups on our website can be used to upgrade from 10.x to 11.31.

Read full details at ShipWeight homepage for more information.


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