HydroComp develops Model For Drag Prediction

Sea Technology - August 2004

HydroComp Develops Model For Drag Prediction
Predicting drag for catamarans has long been a challenge for marine designers as they struggle with the hydrodynamic effects of interference - those changes in drag when hulls are in close proximity to each other. To address the need for a reliable and useable tool to predict catamaran resistance, HydroComp Inc. (Durham, New Hampshire) recently developed an interference drag-prediction model.

This approach builds on the software told for prediction and analysis of vessel speed and power performance, , NavCadT, and utilizes NavCad's collection of bare-hull prediction methods with a new prediction model for viscous and wake-making interference factors. The algorithms for these interference factors were developed through investigation of model tests, computational fluid dynamics analyses and full-scale trials.

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