Scan Converter - a new add-on for HydroComp PropCad

For immediate release
31 October 2002

HydroComp Scan Converter – Scan Converter is a new add-on module for HydroComp's PropCad (tm) propeller CAD software, a software tool from HydroComp, Inc. for the automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D views, construction data and CAM file export for marine propellers. The role of Scan Converter is to take scanned blade surface data (in XYZ or radial format) and convert it into a PropCad design file. With carefully scanned data for both surfaces of a blade, Scan Converter can develop the full geometric representation of the propeller blades. This would allow a user to quickly and accurately make improvements to an existing product or to create new variants of the propeller.

HydroComp developed Scan Converter in response to user requests for a tool to document and compare a propeller to an original PropCad design, as well as to create PropCad design files for existing wooden patterns. Scan Converter would also allow a user to extract important design characteristics about legacy product models, or to precisely determine hydrodynamically-significant changes to a propeller after damage or repair.

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