Motorship, 13 February 2015

SSI releases new design software

SSI has released ShipConstructor 2015 R2.1 software in response to emerging ship design, engineering and building trends.

The trends were identified by a "Client Council" of industry leaders from US and Canadian companies Genoa Design, Glosten & Associates, Gunderson Marine, and Trinity Marine Products.

Client Council members told SSI they wanted complex filtering within the ShipConstructor Report Product that they only had to set up once but which then could be repeatedly run. So, the company has created a tool within Report that lets you filter on any complex criteria using ‘Regular Expressions’ (RegEx). 

In addition, ShipConstructor 2015 R2.1 now allows the user to specify a bevel code for the edges of curved plates. SSI says this is important because frequently these plates must be beveled prior to welding. Adding bevels within ShipConstructor allows this process to be managed properly and enhances communication via visuals. Ultimately, SSI says this saves time and promotes quality as opposed to inefficient manual processes.

Client Council also requested an efficient, non-script-based method for renaming unit, so ShipConstructor 2015 R2.1 now has an automated method for performing this task.

In response to a common modeling workflow, ShipConstructor 2015 R2.1 now also allows the user orient a straight faceplate at angles other than perpendicular to the plate and, to allow penetrations to be easily found, Unit has been added to penetration naming conventions.

SSI says all clients, regardless of geographic region and type, will be able to benefit from the new software's enhancements.


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