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You know as well as anyone in our industry that no two shipbuilders are the same. However, many of the challenges departments across organizations experience on a day-to-day basis are similar. With the release of SSI 2020 R2, we’ve tackled some of those challenges head-on. Our teams have made huge improvements in how change is managed across multiple hulls, clashes are identified and resolved, and project work is assessed and reviewed.

Manage Change Across Multiple Hulls

One of the greatest challenges in shipbuilding today is managing changes across a series of hulls. When collaboration across organizations is involved, the challenge of managing those changes is compounded, even when working on a single hull.

With the new, built from the ground up, WorkShare Transfer feature included with the release of ShipConstructor 2020 R2, you can save time by selecting only the items you need and transferring them directly to the other project, allowing you to re-use the exact work required on-the-fly across projects, hulls, and organizations

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Transferring Across Projects by Task

Better understanding what work needs to be done and communicating that work to stakeholders is crucial to a healthy change management workflow. One of the best ways to do that has been with ShipConstructor Tasks. With ShipConstructor 2020 R2 we’ve made Tasks even more powerful for shipbuilders who concurrently work on multiple similar hulls

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Resolve Difficult Clashes Early

Clashes are a constant consideration across projects. Missing a deadline because of a late clash detection is unacceptable for any shipbuilder. Identifying and resolving clashes earlier minimizes risk while saving time and effort. For ShipConstructor 2020 R2, we’ve significantly improved the way Clash Management can help you accomplish that

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More Ways to Review and Assess Projects

Project Insights is a powerful way to achieve an understanding of the status of a project. With so much ShipConstructor information available, we have worked to make it easier for managers to quickly review and assess project work, progress, and trends

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ShipExplorer Launcher Improvements

Modern shipbuilding projects can consist of many hundreds of thousands of parts. Being able to quickly view what has changed in a project is a crucial part of taking back control over the scale of shipbuilding. We introduced ShipExplorer to make it easy to see those changes quickly, and now we’ve made it even easier to launch

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These enhancements, along with many others in the SSI 2020 R2 release, are aimed at ensuring that you are in control of your projects. To get access to a first look at the latest features in SSI 2020 R2, register for our webinar on November 21 at 8am PST.


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