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Virtual Reality (VR) was all the rage in the 1990s and recently the technology has made a resurgence in popular consciousness but the fact is, it never really went away. In the intervening years, various industries, including shipbuilding have been using VR technology more and more. This trend is about to accelerate.

Research Paper

At this year’s International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries in Cardiff, UK (COMPIT, May 15-17, 2017), CAD/CAM developer SSI has presented a research paper on the evolution of Virtual Reality. The paper examines the history of VR technology as well as its current state. It then predicts the future of VR by analyzing the forces that have either hindered or promoted the implementation of Virtual Reality in the ship design and construction industry.

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Read SSI’s White Paper on Virtual Reality in the Articles Section on the SSI Webpage.


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