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SSI 2019 R2.1 is here to help you tackle the realities of Shipbuilding.

Shipbuilding projects will always be subject to the realities and complexity inherent to production at such large scales. With the release of SSI 2019 R2.1, we’ve worked hard to help you tackle those realities and make it easier for you to focus on accomplishing more.  
With this release, you’re now able to insert lifting components and vectors, save time when managing welds, and manage and correct clashes globally. Plus, if you have access to the Subscription Advantage Pack, you can now reduce rework even further when working with multiple hulls. 

Model Lifting Components and Vectors in Assembly Drawings 

Assemblies don’t exist in a vacuum. Not only do they need to be moved and manipulated within a shipyard, but it is crucial to accurately understand the impacts that lifting and turning will have on the assembly, as well as the lifting equipment itself. Now, lifting components and vectors can be added directly to model drawings to provide a platform for those critical calculations.

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This information can then be exported using EnterprisePlatform PublisherLT Operations to quickly produce .STEP, .IGES and .XML files, which allow for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations to be made by external software programs.  

Support Use of Secondary Product Hierarchy with WeldManagement 

To be successful, it’s crucial that you have as much visibility and control over each part of the process as possible. Ensuring you have that control over your welds is key.  

ShipConstructor 2019 R2.1 now supports weld management within Product Hierarchies, and with the new WeldManagement Product Hierarchy Palette, your ability to control, view and manage welds across your project has been greatly expanded. Improved integration of WeldManagement within the Product Hierarchy allows you the ability to control when and where welds occur, even across multiple units and the entire project.

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Improved Scaling and Detailing of Profile Plots

Before ShipConstructor 2019 R2.1, when inserting Profile Plots, often the scale that is used by default would make it difficult to see end views and critical details. It’s no surprise then that one of our most requested Nexus Wishlist features ever has been the improved scaling and detailing of profile plots.  

You asked, we delivered. Web, Flange, and Profile views can now be scaled separately from end views, and enhanced annotation for green means more information can be conveyed in less space. Overall, you’re now able to make better use of the drawing space with improved Profile Plot scaling and detailing, while reducing human error and saving huge amounts of time through automation.

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Clash Manager

Understanding clashes throughout your project, and ensuring you’re effectively detecting and managing clashes as early as possible is crucial to establishing a productive project workflow. Previously, it was only possibly to see clashes for the drawing being worked on in the Clash Palette. Now, with the Clash Manager, there is a central location where you can locate, view, manage, and correct clashes across the entire project.


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Multi Hull Solution for Transfer of Production Drawings

Managing sister ships effectively is one of the hardest problems currently facing shipbuilders. In some cases, we can see as much as a 40% difference between the first and last ship built. Because of the extreme scale at which shipbuilding operates, any opportunity to reduce rework can result in immense time and cost savings. 
With ShipConstructor 2019 R2.1, you can now transfer and update production drawings across hulls. Spool, Assembly, Arrangement, Product Hierarchy, and Support Construction drawing types can now be used across multiple projects, eliminating the need to recreate drawings. 
To get access to our Multi Hull Solution and become an early adopter of the other innovative features within the Subscription Advantage Pack, all you need is an up-to-date subscription. Contact Client Success to get set up.


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To get more details on this release and see a breakdown of the specific features we’ve added, or to download the update, visit our Release Information page. For a first look at the new features in SSI 2019 R2.1, register for our webinar on Feb 21 at 8am PST..

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