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SSI 2019 R2 Software Released: The focus – STREAMLINING!

The 2019 R2 release of SSI’s ShipConstructor & EnterprisePlatform is focused on STREAMLINING. Increased automation, auto-assigning standards, enhanced Clash Detection and an overall reduction in procedural steps all define the improvements to this release.
It is now easier than ever to find and share information from the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model, as EnterprisePlatform provides an improved method to navigate the Operations function, using the new Operations Browser. Whether gathering information to curate, collate and share within or across departments, the EnterprisePlatform Operations Browser helps to efficiently manage existing operations used to automate repetitive, time consuming error prone manual processes

Streamlined Modeling

ShipConstructor now supports a framework for automatically assigning Weld Standards, including new procedures to validate existing Weld Standards. This feature will save a significant amount of time for ShipConstructor users by minimizing human errors, improving clarity and enabling greater organization within workflows. 

Weld Standards can now be automatically mass-assigned to multiple welds based on a predefined Schedule.  Prior to the 2019 R2 Release, designers within the weld management system were required to assign welds individually, greatly increasing the amount of time that went into the process. The improvements allow for greater range and flexibility when applying weld standards across large, or specific sections of a project.

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Improved Automation for Computer Aided Robotic Welding

ShipConstructor now supports a streamlined workflow for Computer Aided Robotic Welding, with the ability to generate robot-class 3D model and welding specification exports from ShipConstructor. This development is fundamental to enabling cost-effective utilization of robotic automation for ‘one-off’ and ‘high-mix/low-volume’ production. With these improvements, weld management has provided ShipConstructor users the ability to further the design process within the overall workflow, by enabling communication between software and hardware.

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Increased Clash Detection

The new ShipConstructor Clash Detection feature streamlines the entire design process by preventing interferences between project components from start to finish. The new feature allows drawings to be updated across departments and within the database as changes are made, then cross-referencing those parts to avoid conflicts and ‘clashes’ between objects, and parts. This invaluable feature saves having to use time-consuming compilation techniques, by providing dynamic, “on-the-fly” checks both within an individual drawing, or across an entire project. The advantages extend beyond the design stage, by preventing costly field repairs and design changes during production.

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Better Performance & Easier Detection of Performance Bottlenecks
Performance improvements have been achieved in multiple areas:

  • Model Drawing loading
  • UDA retrieval for Parts, Assemblies, creating Assembly drawings
  • HVAC and Pipe Accessories handling
  • Check and Repair Project
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Save for large projects
  • Loading space allocations by extents, production drawings from volumes, production drawings by support extents

Additionally, Administrator now offers features that support basic and block trace processing to help identify performance bottlenecks.

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Added Integration between Projects

Similar projects will benefit with a new addition to the growing Hull Effectivity features lineup as ShipConstructor now supports transferring spool drawings to follow-on projects. Add production related information automatically between projects using similar references.

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Augmented Management Insight

Project Insights Reports provide a better understanding of where your team is spending the most time, how they are using ShipConstructor, and where the most activity is occurring in the project.

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Improved ability to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle common Predefined Tasks

EnterprisePlatform provides an improved method to navigate the Operations function, using the new Operations Browser. Whether gathering information to curate, collate and share within departments or across departments, the EnterprisePlatform Operations Browser helps quickly find existing operations that can automate repetitive, time consuming, error prone, manual processes.

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