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How shipbuilders go through a digital transformation and make use of new technology is going to define the next 5 years of our industry.
Unfortunately, many are missing the key component that will make digital transformation possible – integration.
See how NDARcan avoid the pitfalls of innovation without integration at our two free-to-attend virtual presentations at PI Marine 2020 Online.

Case Study: Shipyard Digital Transformation Partnership

Day 1, Oct 5 at 1:20pm ET

Join our live virtual case study with Patrick Roberts of SSI and Michael Deutsch of HII Ingalls and see first-hand how strategic partnership and integration can drive shipyard Digital Transformation.

Panel: Collaboration Across the Industry for Data Standardization and Data Exchange

Day 2, Oct 6 at 1:20pm ET

Shipbuilding needs more integration to make digital transformation possible. Join shipbuilding leaders from BAE, CIMdata, the Naval Information Warfare Center, and SSI co-CEO Denis Morais as they discuss how the industry needs to collaborate closer to allow for data integration and standardization.

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PI Marine 2020 USA Online is free to attend for those in the shipbuilding industry


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