61m Motor Yacht : Eltink's Scheeps en Jachtwerf BV, The Netherlands


Eltink's Scheeps en Jachtwerf BV, The Netherlands

Eltink Aluminum BV

Eltink Engineering BV

61 meter motor yacht for Feadship

ShipConstructor Modules:
Structure, ManualNest, AutomaticNest, NC-Pyros, ProfileNest, BuildStrategy

Project Highlights:

Feadship demands workmanship and quality of the highest possible standards for its ships. To ensure that the several thousands of structural parts are designed and produced accurately, Eltink uses ShipConstructor modules precisely for this purpose.

3D Solid Modeling The 3D solid model of the ship's structure, which automatically grows as the process develops, provides Eltink with real-time insight of the status of the structural unit.


The sometimes-complex intersections are clearly visible and can be fine-tuned in the engineering phase. Because Eltink can clearly see what they are constructing, they avoid mistakes. Before ShipConstructor, Eltink had to visualize the connections mentally and then draw them in 2D CAD. Nowadays, they cut all parts, no matter how complex, exactly to size.

Easy to Use Through ShipConstructor's clever use of AutoCAD functionality, Eltink had people with AutoCAD experience working efficiently with ShipConstructor within a few hours.  They can produce complete 3D structural models using basic 2D drawing commands, reducing the level of expertise required, while increasing accuracy and efficiency at the same time.

Correct NC-Code for all Kinds of Machines Eltink works with several NC cutting companies throughout the Netherlands. With NC-Pyros it is easy to supply the correct NC code for all the different cutting machines. The extensive data on the nest drawing, which is generated automatically, gives the sub-contractor all the required information. Thus, Eltink can remain flexible and, if the need arises, can switch cutting companies at a moment's notice and supply them with the exact cutting code.

Increased Efficiency on the Shop Floor Eltink relies heavily on their part reports, 3D and 2D assembly drawings and profile nests which go to the shop floor. The functionality of ShipConstructor allows them to generate clear building- and workflow instructions semi-automatically, without investing a lot of valuable time. Because they are able to generate easy-to-understand instructions, they are more efficient and avoid costly mistakes.

Link to Production When the parts arrive at the yard, ShipConstructor allows Eltink to sort the parts of the ship's section into various assemblies. Eltink cuts all the profiles, including end details, of a whole section at once. This means that they only have to set up all the necessary equipment once, also making more efficient use of the required material. Although these features are very straight forward, Eltink notes that not all programs support a workflow of the shop floor the way ShipConstructor does.

Eltink has benefited significantly since switching to ShipConstructor at the end of 2002. The scope of their engineering package has increased and now includes all structural parts, plate or profile, and they are able to keep track of any item during the engineering phase. The amount of man-hours to build a ship has been reduced, while the overall quality increased.

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