ShipConstructor2004: running inside AutoCAD2004, introducing new Penetrations and HVAC modules

Albacore Research Ltd. (ARL), Canada, develops ShipConstructor, the easy-to-use, AutoCAD based product modeling tool for ships and offshore structures of all sizes.
ShipConstructor2004 will be released in October 2003, providing many enhancements to existing modules plus two completely new modules: Penetrations and HVAC. ShipConstructor2004 will now also support AutoCAD2004 in addition to AutoCAD2000 through 2002.

The implementation of spec driven piping penetrations in structure is now made easy with the new Penetrations module. Sleeves, collars, doubler plates, and other accessories are now part of Penetrations. This module comes with a sophisticated approval system, including user permission settings, standardization tools, and a revision history.

Figure 1: The Penetrations Approval Process

The Penetrations module, currently tailored to pipe penetrations, will be upgraded with functions for HVAC in Spring 2004.

HVAC is ShipConstructor’s new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 3D modelling module, beta tested by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Avondale Operations. Fully integrated into ShipConstructor’s database, HVAC’s reports offer a wealth of valuable information for Planning, Purchasing and Production departments. Furthermore, logically connected HVAC items allow stretching and moving while maintaining their connections. HVAC items can be created “on-the-fly” or be selected from a “spec-driven” catalog. Integrated with ShipConstructor’s Interference Checking System, HVAC prevents costly mistakes and rework. The module will be fully integrated with the established Structure, Pipe and Outfit modules, providing a smoothly running 3D product modelling package. Hence, drafting errors and time-to-production is expected to be reduced drastically.

In addition to the two new modules Penetrations and HVAC, ShipConstructor2004 comes with numerous enhancements to existing modules. To name a few:
ShipConstructor’s Navigator has been substantially redesigned, providing increased ease-of-use, more customization abilities and an improved registration procedure.

Figure 2: ShipConstructor's new Navigator

The ShipConstructor administration application now provides improved security, allowing support for named instances of SQL server and non-blank SQL System Administrator passwords during install. It uses built-in SQL server security features for enterprise level security. In addition, multiple databases can now be updated at the same time and an enhanced user flexibility ensures the removal from users from a project and the transfer of their revision history to a different user.

ShipConstructor’s proven Pipe module now comes with an improved modeling tool for bent pipes, thus accommodating various pipe benders and clamp lengths. Bent pipes can now easily output data to a variety of pipe bending machines. Pipe’s accessory packages are now Spec driven and the Pipe Catalog has been extended with three way valves. New permissions allow users to view and/or check the Pipe Catalog. The new spool manager now helps to track modeling changes. The new spool drawings locate dimensions and orthographic symbols and make it easy to create orthographic spools. The handling of slope pipes has also been considerably improved.

The advanced Outfit module now comes with Spec driven pipe connections, reducing errors by adding Spec driven pipe connections to Outfit items. The improved collaboration between the two modules Pipe and Outfit allows users to create complete general arrangements while still allowing the use of outfit items for detailed pipe system models.

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