RhinoParametrics v2.0 RELEASED!

July 2011


New RhinoParametrics 2.0 version
for Rhino 4 SR9 and Rhino 5 (32bits)


RhinoParametrics is happy to announce the release of version 2.0.



Sterna 61
Fully modelled with RhinoParametrics

Visit the website:

Album photos

New video showing modifications:

YouTube Link

If you wish to try RhinoParametrics v2 but your trial period has expired, please send a 1-month renewal request to: support@rhinoparametrics.com


Thank you, your notes and comments help us to continue improving RhinoParametrics.
Please continue sending your feedback, it is always very appreciated.


News :

  • Resizable dialog boxes
  • Compatibility with TSpline V2 and V3
  • Multiple selections in list fields
  • No selection during expansion of a tree node
  • Open project in read-only mode

Corrections :

  • Improvement of copy and multiple-copy tools
  • Improvement of the _Divide tool
  • Increased the precision during curve-curve intersections
  • Improvement of the "orientation" tool
  • Improvement of the search tool
  • Fixed minor bugs


See you soon at http://www.rhinoparametrics.com/


Read full details at RhinoParametrics homepage for more information.


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