PropExpert™ v4.5 - New Flexible Reporting Options

For immediate release
15 April 2002

HydroComp PropExpert v4.5 is the newest release of HydroComp’s popular propeller sizing software for workboats and motor yachts. Manufacturers and dealers of propellers, engines and gears will find v4.5 offers a variety of new reporting options to better serve users’ own customers. Two significant new features include:

1- reports in HTML format, and
2- output in non-English languages.

In addition to printed reports and graphs, PropExpert v4.5 now allows reports to be saved as formatted HTML files, with the option to automatically attach the HTML files to an email that can be sent directly to a client.

Many PropExpert users serve a largely non-English-speaking customer-base. PropExpert v4.5 can greatly enhance a user’s service to these customers by generating reports in a customer’s native language. Language-specific text for reports is saved in ASCII “language format files”. Currently, English, French and Italian format files are available, but the design of these simple text files allows a user to easily create format files in any language. Additional language format files are under development and will be made available through HydroComp’s web site.

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