Orca3D runs on the Mac under Virtual Box by SunMicrosystems.


3 September 2009


Our partner Victor Soto reports runinng Orca3D on the Mac using VirtualBox from SunMicrosystems.


His posting on the Orca3D blog (see it at (http://orca3d.com/forum/index.php?topic=105.new#new) reports :


As many of you I am a Mac user, I love it, unfortunately we know that (native - ndr) Orca3D does not run over Mac, so I just want to share that I solved that problem using VirtualBox from Sun Microsistems.


I know that is not a native application as we like but, it really helps if you don't want to use BootCamp and restart your Mac, is totally free and there Rhino and ALL its plugins works perfect, of course Orca3D as well. Only disadvantage: does not work the sound cards, so if you love to listen music when you design just bring your MP3 player.


Also make sure to  install the "Guest additions" that is under devices tab.


Victor also shares the settings that he used, posted by Admin, same forum.



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Happy modelling with Orca3D !






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