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November, 2002

HydroComp is pleased to introduce SwiftCraft - a NEW designer's tool for speed and power prediction of monohull vessels under 75 m (250 ft).

SwiftCraft has been developed specifically for designers and builders of motor yachts, patrol craft, small ships, supply vessels, ferries and other transit craft. Its easy-to-use interface is modeled on web navigation, so it is ideal for new users where a rapid learning curve is important and the time needed to complete a project must be minimized.

According to Donald MacPherson, HydroComp's Technical Director, "SwiftCraft was developed using a new interface architecture which builds upon a user's familiarity with navigation on the web. Usability testing has determined that the new interface model promotes the rapid and proper completion of tasks - which is absolutely critical to reliable speed prediction."

SwiftCraft is built upon nearly 20 years of technical development by the experts at HydroComp, employing many of the same capabilities and features found in the award-winning NavCad and PropExpert software. SwiftCraft contains the following speed and power analyses:

· Bare-hull drag for displacement, semi-displacement, sailboats and planing craft
· Appendage and wind drag
· Hull-propulsor coefficients
· Propeller and gear ratio sizing
· Thrust, torque, power, fuel rate analysis
· Cavitation evaluation

HydroComp is anticipating that SwiftCraft will be particularly successful in serving the new or inexperienced user. "One of the key attributes of SwiftCraft is that it focuses on one frequently-used set of tasks", continues MacPherson. "Our NavCad software, for example, contains an extremely broad feature set - from monohulls to catamarans, propellers to waterjets, free-run analysis to towing to acceleration. SwiftCraft narrows the focus to free-running monohulls using conventional propellers."

The SwiftWorks Collection

MacPherson notes that "based on the success of the SwiftCraft model, we are planning to extend this strategy of smaller focused products to other design calculations." SwiftCraft is to be the first product in a new collection of marine performance tools called SwiftWorks. A variety of SwiftWorks tools are planned or under development.

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