Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd Project

ShipConstructor proves 3D modeling is effective even for the smallest boats

Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd. has used ShipConstructor to successfully design and build many of the aluminium hulled rigid inflatables in the well known ‘Ocean Dynamics’ RIBWORKER range. An example of which is a recent project, involving the 8.25m diesel/water-jet powered RIBWORKER 28’.

ShipConstructor was used for design and kitting of the entire boat structure, and modeling/positioning of all outfit, including the engine systems, including all piping. The software’s BuildStrategy/Interference checking and Nesting modules were all used to allow a significant reduction in build time and re-work with this vessel which is in relatively low volume production. The ShipConstructor module ShipCAM was used for trimming, butting and expansion of all curved plates.

All CNC nests were transferred to an external contractor and laser cut to an accuracy of 0.25mm, and all kit parts fitted perfectly including curved plates.

On a recent project involving an 11m rig support RIB for a major oil company, with a single point lift, the weights and centers reporting of the ShipConstructor module Manager was tested significantly, and verified, hence giving Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd. confidence in the outputs from the software.

CAD Selection Process

Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd. has been undertaking a project to develop and enhance its design facility, and as such, has endured a lengthy, documented CAD selection process looking carefully at what is available, short-listing and then evaluating packages. The company was introduced to ShipConstructor by Design Systems & Technologies, France, ARL’s dealer for Europe, Russia and The Middle East.

This selection process has resulted in the purchase and installation of the ShipConstructor suite with some of its modules such as ShipCAM, BuildStrategy, Structure, Pipe, ManualNest and Outfit, all on one Network Lock.

ShipConstructor: Reduced Costs, Improved Efficiency, Increased Product Quality

Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd. feels that this software allows the company to reduce lead times and reduce costs through improved efficiency, increased control of the design/build process and faster response to customer requirements. It is also felt that from a marketing aspect, being associated with such a product and this level of IT technology has provided Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd. with an improved company profile.

The increase in product quality resulting from the improved level of design control, reduced tolerances, and build strategy control has been considerable, and especially noticeable with the aluminum hulls, since the improved tolerances and control over build strategy have resulted in a considerable reduction in distortion due to welding. The consequential advantages of this being considerably reduced assembly time, and a vast improvement in product quality.

About Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd.

Mustang Marine is a small (25 employees) shipbuilding outfit in Wales UK, specializing in bespoke commercial workboats, tugs, passenger craft and aluminum RIBs.

Recent projects include a 19m steel/aluminum pilot cutter, an 18m aluminum catamaran for fisheries research, and many 8-13m aluminum rigid hulled inflatables for Ocean Dynamics, including Arnold & Sons Explorer, the 10m open RIB which has recently successfully completed the Arctic 2003 challenge from Halifax to Scotland through the adverse conditions of the North Atlantic.

For more information:
Contact Mr. Simon Goodwin, Mustang Marine Wales Ltd.,
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