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September 2003

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Singing propellers  What makes a propeller "sing"? Some propellers produce an audible high-pitched tone which has come to be known as "singing". More of an annoyance than anything harmful, the hydrodynamics of singing have been a source of debate for decades. [more]

Half angle of entrance   What is the best entry angle for a boat's operating speed? Entry angle (referred to as the half angle of entrance) is a significant player in vessel wave-making drag. [more]

Thrust and power factors for propeller material and ISO class   Does propeller material or ISO class affect my choice of thrust and power factors? Material and class have no real impact on thrust and power factors ( the Kt and Kq multipliers in NavCad, T & P factors in PropExpert and SwiftCraft). [more]


New software numbering system  HydroComp has begun using a new numbering system for our software releases. [more]

New web site improves support & information  HydroComp will shortly be unveiling our newly redesigned web site. It will provide more support and information to existing users, service clients, and visitors. [more]


SwiftTrial popularity spans maritime industry  SwiftTrial - an easy-to-use utility to document and evaluate boat trials - has spanned the entire spectrum of maritime industries. ...[more]


SNAME, San Francisco, 17-20 October
IBEX, Miami Beach, 27-29 October
NMPA, St. Louis, 7-9 November
Europort, Amsterdam, 18-22 November
WorkBoat, New Orleans, 3-5 December


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