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Maestro 11.2 RELEASED!

January 2016

We are pleased to announce the official release of the new version of MAESTRO.  Version 11.2 features the release of the new module, ProColl Hull, as well as other new and enhanced features.  ProColl Hull is used to determine the progressive collapse behavior of lightweight aluminum ship structures and conventional steel vessels.  ProColl is a tool developed by Professor Bob Dow and Dr. Simon Benson from the University of Newcastle under sponsorship by Dr. Paul E. Hess III, Office of Naval Research (ONR), USA.  Its capabilities have been interfaced with MAESTRO’s existing user interface and post-processing capabilities, and packaged as the ProColl Hull Module.

Please see the details at the end of this email for more information on renewing expired maintenance and support, purchasing the ProColl Hull module, or purchasing a new license.  Current users who are eligible to use this release will receive a follow-up email with the download link for Version 11.2

MAESTRO Documentation (Available with the MAESTRO installation)
·         Updated MAESTRO Help File
·         ProColl Theory Manual
·         Release Notes
·         Midship Design Exercise Tutorial

New and Enhanced Modules

  • ProColl Hull Module: ProColl Hull provides the ability to calculate compartment level progressive collapse behavior of lightweight aluminum ship structures and conventional steel vessels.  This analysis method extends the interframe progressive collapse method by including overall gross panel buckling effects in the determination of hull girder strength.  The background and theoretical basis of ProColl is documented in the MAESTRO Help File.

New and Enhanced Features
The following is a list of the new and enhanced features found in MAESTRO v11.2.  A copy of this list of features can be found in the Release Notes.

  • User-Defined Longitudinal Hull Girder Stations: The user is now able to define non-uniformly spaced longitudinal stations to recover hull girder properties from.
  • Large Model Handling: Several new features have been added to handle large models and analysis including parallel processing to read models faster and run fatigue calculations, and options to speed up group selection and creation.
  • Nastran Export: Property names in a MAESTRO model can now be read into FEMAP.
  • General Group CG Reported: The center of gravity of a general group is now reported along with the self-weight.
  • Delete/Hide Element Dialogs:  Evaluation patches have been added to the selection options for the Delete and Hide Elements dialogs.
  • Stiffener Layout Properties: The stiffener layout create/modify/view functionality is now part of the plate, beam, rod, and spring properties dialog allowing sorting of stiffener layouts.
    Download and Purchasing Details

MAESTRO v11.2 purchasing information, including purchasing information on the new modules, is available at

Or contact your local MAESTRO Reseller:


United States/Elsewhere

DRS Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Marine Technology Center



Europe/Russia/Middle East

Nick Danese Applied Research - Design Systems & Technologies

+33(0)4 92 91 13 24

Users with Current Maintenance & Support Agreement

MAESTRO v11.2 is a free upgrade for users with current maintenance and support (M&S) agreements and is available for download.  If you are interested in any of the new modules, please contact us at to discuss pricing and trial periods.

Users without Current Maintenance & Support Agreement

If you do not have a current M&S agreement, please contact your local reseller or please send an email to: to receive a quotation for MAESTRO v11.2.

Determining Your M&S Status

If you are not sure if your M&S agreement is current, run the MAESTRO Fast Lock utility from the Start > All Programs > MAESTRO menu.  Prior to running the MAESTRO Fast Lock utility, verify the hardware lock is securely attached.  This utility will read your MAESTRO hardware lock and display the date that your M&S agreement expires.

Not a Current User

If you don’t currently own a MAESTRO license and have any questions about purchasing or evaluating MAESTRO, questions about the capabilities or use of the software, please contact us at


We appreciate your continued interest and support, and as always we value your input.


We appreciate your continued interest and support, and as always we value your input.

Thank you,

Read full details at Maestro homepage for more information.


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