MAESTRO related papers presented at OMAE 2011, Rotterdam, 19-24 June 2011


4 November 2011


Hello everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to share the papers delivered by Prof. Hughes and Dr. Ma at the recent OMAE conference (Offshore and Arctic Engineering) which took place in Rotterdam this past 19-24 June.

  • Tripping analysis and design consideration of permanent means of access structure, by Dr. Ma (DRS), Prof. Hughes (OSD) and Mr. Jang (Samsung Heavy Industries).
  • Permanent means of access structural design using multi-objective optimization, by Dr. Ma (DRS) and Prof. Hughes (OSD).

The two papers can be found :
- PMA1-final.pdf
- OMAE2011-49259.pdf

Prof Hughes started developing MAESTRO in 1980, and continues to be the source of significant innovation.

Dr Ma has been instrumental in implementing modern technology and innovative theory in MAESTRO, and in developing related products, such as MAESTRO Wave and the MAESTRO-NAPA Steel interface.

More information about MAESTRO can be found at and at

We remain at your disposal for any questions,


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