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(Photo courtesy of PROCAD.)


IIt was a great turnout for SSI presentations at PROCAD’sShipbuilding Day, April 5, 2017 in Gdynia, Poland.
SSI representatives Nick Danese of NDAR and Pedro Antunes of Vera Navis presented information about how SSI’s ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform programs increase shipbuilding and ship design efficiency and effectiveness.
The presentations were:

1. SSI EnterprisePlatform & ShipConstructor: Autodesk based open and integrated ship design & shipbuilding - Nick Danese

Integration by environment moves us closer to the single source model paradigm.  SSI's EnterprisePlatform and ShipConstructor exploit the increasingly open and cross-authoring tool environment offered by Autodesk for maximum integration in the intra- and extra-enterprise theatre.

2. SSI EnterprisePlatform & ShipConstructor: out of the box integration with (any) enterprise systems - Nick Danese

SSI's EnterprisePlatform and ShipConstructor include out-of-the box tools, mechanisms and automation to integrate with any surrounding environment and to directly support management in all departments.

3. Case Study – Large LNG ferry, ShipConstructor model used for design, production and shipyard management - Pedro Antunes

Over the first few weeks, the project deliverables evolved dynamically from only production documentation to full basic design and then to direct support of procurement / purchasing / production management.  Just one ShipConstructor model was used for everything and the included user-defined output and data communications options were exploited to support all stake-holders.


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