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Antibes, 30th May 2016

GHS full steam ahead at Admiral Tecnomar

It is clearly a busy period for Admiral Yachts and The Italian Sea Group, with the launch of several superyachts this season.

GHS, the industry standard hydrostatics & stability software by Creative Systems, USA, continues to play a key role throughout the design and building process of these extraordinary superyachts.

GHS is used from the early design stages all the way to delivery, and continues to serve its role after that as part of the PLM process.  The interactive interface allows to multiply the design hypothesis, and to automate the process of running and monitoring the numerous load cases and damaged conditions to be analyzed in compliance with the demanding MCA LY3 code, imposed by the Flag Administration.



Leading PC-based hydrostatics & Stability software since 1972, GHS performs the most complex calculations, runs seamlessly intact, damaged, probabilistic stability, and longitudinal strength calculations, and is constantly being extended and improved to meet the increasing sophistication and complexity of stability standards and to ensure continued leadership and excellence.

GHS is well-proven, reliable, is in constant use by major design firms and shipyards worldwide, and well accepted by all Regulatory agencies: used by ABS, and formally approved by LR and DNV-GL, GHS is distributed in Europe by NDAR / Design Systems & Technologies.


NDAR / Design Systems & Technologies

In operation since 1988, NDAR offers a full range of synergetic Naval Architecture, Design, Production and PLM software, such as ShipConstructor, Rhino3D and its Naval Architecture plug-in Orca3D, GHS, MAESTRO, ShipWeight, AutoFEM, etc.  NDAR provides naval architecture & marine engineering services, too.  The range of expertise offered by NDAR and its industry partners covers the full ship, yacht and offshore industry spectrum.


The Italian Sea Group

The Italian Sea Group is one of the biggest conglomerate groups in the boating industry. The group owns several brands: Admiral - Admiral Sail - Tecnomar - NCA Nuovi Cantieri Apuania - Monti di Rovello Insula.  The shipyard in Marina di Carrara, Italy, covers an area of 100,000 sqm and features several important facilities such as 11 sheds, 2,000 m of docks, a 200 m dry dock, and a total lifting capacity of 1,000 tons. The group built 574 ships since 1942.


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