Rig Stability Application based on GHS

May 2005

Creative Systems, Inc. (developer of GHS, General HydroStatics software for ship stability) is testing a new interface to GHS specifically for generating the max KG curves needed by the designers and operators of offshore platforms. It is expected to be released to current GHS users by the end of May, 2005.
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Unlike the typical oceangoing ship, many floating platforms lack inherent longitudinal stability and are subject to capsize in various directions. This adds another dimension to stability analysis. It also complicates the traditional righting-arm curve with the threat of capsize off-axis. The new rig-stability interface helps GHS users organize inputs and automates the production of reports as well as the maximum-VCG (KG) curves. It also produces a database of maximum-VCG information that goes directly into onboard GLM (GHS Load Monitor) software.

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