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Dutch shipbuilder Neptune Marine prides itself on designing and building standard and custom-built vessels within a short timeframe. The construction of the recently delivered Jif Marlin multipurpose workboat is a perfect example of this.

Versatile Ship

Jifmar Offshore Services contracted Neptune to build a EuroCarrier 2712 workboat to function as a true versatile vessel allowing them to supply integrated maritime solutions and offer specialised services for the offshore energy industry.

The EuroCarrier’s design (two hydraulic cranes, holding capacity of 95 tons of load, anchor-lifting capacity of 100 tons and a bollard pull of 37 tons) allows it to function in different areas such as dredging support, anchor handling, wind farm support or fish farm support. A true versatile multi-purpose vessel!

Today, Autodesk and SSI already offer the tools used as described above: AutoCAD, Navisworks, Vault, 3DS Max, V-Red, factory verticals, Advance Steel, etc. and EnterprisePlatform and ShipConstructor.

Flexible Company

Close collaboration with the client during the design, engineering and construction phase of the Jif Marlin, is what Neptune Marine finds key to ensuring client satisfaction. Neptune Marine likes to see themselves more as a partner then as a supplier towards clients.

Flexible Software

SSI’s ShipConstructor design and engineering software was particularly useful to meet Neptune Marine’s needs. ShipConstructor has a plethora of features to efficiently accommodate and communicate change.

Associative DWG and MarineDrafting

Of particular benefit to Neptune Marine was ShipConstructor’s Associative DWG capability combined with SSI’s MarineDrafting product. The Associative DWG functionality ensures that AutoCAD based DWG production drawings are automatically updated as the engineering department modifies the 3D virtual model. By using the MarineDrafting product, 2D drawings with appropriate marine-specific symbols can be automatically generated from the 3D model and always reflect the latest state of the design. This feature helps everyone in the shipyard have the correct information and aids collaboration with suppliers and the owner

Learn More Online

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Learn More at Europort, Nov. 7-10

  1. If you are attending the 2017 Europort Exhibition for Maritime Technology, in Rotterdam, please visit the SSI/NDAR team at Booth 6407 to learn more about change management and SSI solutions in general
  1. To learn more about Neptune Marine and this project in particular, please visit Booth 2300.


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