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February 26, Knuthomen, Kalvåg, Norway


 Ro-Arctic Live Fish Carrier Designed by Skipskompetanse AS using BIM (MIM) approach with ShipConstructor software from SSI


Thought Leadership

CAD/CAM developer SSI is a recognized thought leader in the shipbuilding industry, particularly in the field of applying computer technology and software solutions to assist the marine industries.

Tekna Conference

Nick Danese of NDAR, SSI’s Senior Dealer ENEA, has been invited to make a presentation at a conference sponsored by Tekna, the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals.

This Tekna Conference is February 26, 2016, Knuthomen, Kalvåg, Norway.

BIM in shipbuilding

The conference is on applying the concept of  BIM (Building Information Modeling) to shipbuilding.

The presentation by Nick Danese is entitled: BIM: Old Business, New Tools.

What is BIM?

BIM is a software approach whereby massive amounts of information about a construction project are stored within a “virtual model”. Autodesk is the leader in this field and SSI, whose ShipConstructor software is based on the Autodesk platform, has applied this concept in a new form, tailored to shipbuilding, called MIM (Marine Information Modeling).

Real world applications of BIM (MIM)

Norway is an ideal setting for a conference on this subject as Norway is a leader in ship design and engineering. An excellent Norwegian example of the BIM approach in practice can be shown by the company Skipskompetanse AS. Skipskompetanse AS uses ShipConstructor software to produce extremely sophisticated designs for the fish farming industry such as the Ro-Arctic Live Fish Carrier shown above.

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