March 2017

Article: Tips for root fillets with Rhinoceros3D in PropCad

Root fillets is often the most time-consuming process during CAD/CAM migration

PropCad is often used as an intermediate step to the final CAD model of the propeller. There are often additional details included in the CAD model such as puller holes, stern seal recesses, keyway reliefs, etc. As a result, the blades and hub geometry from PropCad is often exported to a native CAD format for direct manipulation within that environment.


PropCad data is exported to native CAD formats using “macros” that call the specific CAD commands. One of the most difficult surfaces to recreate in a native CAD format is the root fillet. Fillets are highly-specialized routines and have different inputs for each native CAD environment –some fillets must be created as surfaces, while other must be derived from solid geometry…

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