7800 dwt Dry Cargo Vessel
Marine Technologies Ltd., Russia, for Bodewes Shipyards B.V., The Netherlands

Pensilvania bnr. 621, 7800 dwt Dry Cargo Vessel
Courtesy Bodewes Shipyards B.V., The Netherlands

As part of the classification drawings, MTL used ShipConstructor to provide Bodewes Shipyards with a complete set of workshop drawings of the hull, superstructure, piping systems, cutting and bending information, and product information for the piping spools. The first produced hull was used for the Pensilvania bnr. 621 and was delivered in January 2005. Subsequent ships of this type are to be produced with minor alterations reflecting the wishes of the client.

Bodewes Shipyards B.V. is supported by Marine Technologies Ltd., ARL’s ShipConstructor representative in Russia.

For more information about Bodewes Shipyards B.V., please visit http://www.bodewesshipyards.nl/.

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