HydroComp Inc., of Durham, NH USA, is pleased to announce the upgrade of PropExpert, their unique propeller sizing software program, to version 4.1. PropExpert is a software tool for the selection and analysis of propeller systems for workboats and pleasure craft. New added features in version 4.1 include: email, databases import and export, and a "cubic" prop curve.

The addition of email into PropExpert allows a user to send a formatted summary report and/or technical appendix to clients and co-workers quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for printed reports, as a complete sizing analysis can simply be sent anywhere via email.

The import/export functionality was included in version 4.1 to make data more accessible to PropExpert. Now, PropExpert is smart enough to search through files of various types for information that can be used in a sizing analysis. For example, a text file containing engine specifications for a complete engine series can be opened in PropExpert and translated into the PropExpert database format, making the information available for future sizing calculations. Also, information developed in PropExpert can be exported to a variety of file types, making your sizing information accessible to other applications.

Finally, in keeping with the philosophy of true hydrodynamics, a "cubic" prop curve was developed to reflect a more accurate representation of propeller performance.

In addition to new added features, the 4.1 upgrade includes an improved speed prediction method, which is designed to broaden the class of vessels PropExpert can analyze.

HydroComp, Inc. provides software products and consultancy services for the performance analysis and design of marine vehicles to industry, research and government clients. Currently over 330 marine professionals in 34 countries worldwide are using HydroComp software.

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