The original name of our company was DESIGN SYSTEMS EUROPE. Founded in 1986, DSE mainly provided services in the naval architecture and marine engineering fields. Through the years, the computer becoming more and more part of everyday's life, DSE developed and acquired a number of engineering software systems running on mini- and micro-computers. As the demand on electronic tools grew, a considerable effort was devoted to creating and sourcing newer and more powerful software and hardware.

After some multi-disciplinary activity in the early 90s, the decision was made to focus completely on the naval architecture and marine engineering industries. DSE then grew and expanded from a pure engineering design concern to include the on-going development and integration of specialized software, which increasingly became a considerable part of our activity. Through cooperative efforts with other companies sharing the same vocation, our software library went from a single program in 1989 to a suite of about 20 today. Our software customer base now includes over 400 sites in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, with hundreds of licenses installed. On the design and consulting front, we still carry out several ground-breaking projects in structural analysis, hydrodynamics, etc. every year.

A multi-year metamorphosis thus completed, a new name was in order, better describing our offerings. Today, DESIGN SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES directly offers software products and considerable expertise, as well as that of over 10 partner companies in 3 continents, covering the full naval architecture & marine engineering spectrum of design, construction, operation and management.



DS&T's declared focus is on perfecting the technology available to the naval architecture & marine engineering industry at large, and to making it available in a usable form. A team comprising people from different backgrounds, we constantly work at bringing innovative tools and know-how to the field. From the beginning, we chose to operate in a multinational, multicultural, multilingual theater, thereby combining experiences from disparate sources into the specialized software products and engineering services we make available to our customers.

Due to its very nature, the product we deliver is unavoidably complex and sophisticated. Furthermore, at DS&T we believe that the problem should drive the solution and that communications are the bridge between what is perceived to be possible (the idea) and its practical achievement (the product).

Thus, communications are a central element of our everyday activity. Our software interfaces, working drawings, written documents, training courses and project presentations are focused on making the information being transmitted to the end-user easy to understand and immediately applicable and exploitable.

Isolation is not a fertile ground for intellectual and scientific growth. It is by choice that we associate rather than compete with other recognized specialists in our field, to constantly hone and perfect our collective offerings. A solution is good only if it yields the highest quality/cost ratio. We continually search for challenges and comparisons, and relentlessly test our products and services against real-world difficulties and problems. At DS&T we put people first, because it is our people that will deliver value to our customers. We select and train our engineers and managers internationally. Exposure to a wide cross-section of experiences is the first step in maintaining flexibility and adaptability which, teamed with creativity, keeps our staff on the leading edge. In the end, DS&T strives to expand the worldwide availability and exploitation of state-of-the-art naval architecture & marine engineering tools and technology

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