About Nick Danese Applied Research

Nick Danese Applied Research is a fully owned, limited company. Through partnerships and commercial agreements, NDAR is part of a multinational group of companies, and heads the group's operations in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. NDAR operates principally in the fields of naval architecture, ship building, ship operation and ship management.

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Our main activities include:

  • Development of original software
  • Integration of commercially available software libraries
  • Marketing and tech-support of the above
  • Training : on-site and hands-on seminars
  • Specialist engineering technical consulting
  • Engineering design
  • Project management

The software developed by our group is tested both in-house through consulting work and in the field in cooperation with certain users. Collectively, our group counts well over 50 developers amongst our technical staff, about 25 of whom are licensed naval architects and marine engineers. Being intrinsically international, our organization is profoundly multi-lingual and multi-cultural.

In addition to permanent staff, a number of specifically trained independent engineers assist with some field operations and site projects.

Training and support services are handled centrally from our headquarters in Antibes, France, and include on-site intervention following customer requirements.

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